Bow Wow Snoops Around To Impress Baby: “That’s How I’m Launching My First Official Project Off Cash Money”

Bow Wow Snoops Around To Impress Baby: “That’s How I’m Launching My First Official Project Off Cash Money”

Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow has kept busy these past few years, co-hosting BET’s “106 & Park” and juggling an acting career, but is now putting together his first YMCMB release.

According to Bow Wow, he is going to rely on rap veteran Snoop Dogg to help ignite anticipation for his first-ever Cash Money Records project.

“It’s a movie, it’s unlike anything that has ever been put together before. Snoop is narrating it, and of course I’ve got the movie to go with it, so that’s how I am launching my first official project off Cash Money.” Bow Wow also revealed that the mixtape would be accompanied by visuals, that would make up a movie. (AHH)

The Midwest hip-hop artist also explained the hold-up behind putting the release out ot the masses.

“When I started at BET I didn’t want to attack it and make it look like I took over “106 & Park” to pump my s**t. I had to approach that s**t like a real job and take it over. As you can see, I put out no videos on the countdown, I didn’t do none of that. I wanted to get a full year in before I got back into that and I was waiting for more material I had my daughter, she’s going on three. I got alotta sh*t to now right about and go in-depth with.” (AHH)

Despite his full-time arrangement as BET’s newest “106 & Park” co-host, Bow Wow recently said his relationship with YMCMB was still solid.

“Yeah man, of course, of course,” Bow Wow said when asked by DJ Whoo Kid if he is still down with Young Money. “We all get asked that question. People see so many different crews around the hip-hop clique up. We are all our own individual artists with our own unique way of getting it how we’re getting it. It’s hard for us to always be together so from the outside looking in, a lot of people say we’re always distant but really to us, really we’re not. We always know where everybody is at all times. For me, I’m in this situation to where I can’t leave New York. I’m here full-time now. I was in Miami, that’s where we all lived at. Me, Wayne, Stunna. So now that I’m here, Nicki’s on ‘American Idol,’ she’s hosting ‘American Idol,’ I’m on BET, so, everybody’s all over the place getting it in.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Bow Weezy also said Birdman is the most financially stable artist on the Cash Money/Young Money roster.

“The only person that can kick back and kick their feet up is Stunna. He’s owning and going to the car lot buying new sh*t — he’s got way too much money, way too much. You see how I came out of tone. Way too much. [laughs] He’s a very intelligent man, very intelligent.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

Prior to landing the new BET gig, Bow Wow credited moving to Miami and solidifying his Cash Money for improving his life.

“Moving to Miami helped me. It helped me find myself as a man. Now things are coming naturally. I’m in Cash Money Records, a place I wanted to sign with. Now I am at my peace, and when peace is in my life I am at my best. That’s when it’s real scary for my competition, because then I feel I am invincible,” Bow Wow said in an interview. “[What’s it like with the YMCMB family?] They aren’t only good people, but good artists as well. We all help each other out, so as long as we do that we can make the label and brand even bigger. That’s what we are about.” (Daily Nebraskan)

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