Bow Wow Pens “Dear Ohio” Letter, “Ever Since LeBron Left, I Feel It’s Up To Me & Others”

Bow Wow Pens “Dear Ohio” Letter, “Ever Since LeBron Left, I Feel It’s Up To Me & Others”

Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow has issued a public message to his hometown in hopes of gaining their trust as the people’s mainstream leader.

Writing on his blog, Bow Wow promised his hard work and dedication was for his people.

“People always quick to say ” Bow wow never be in columbus, or i never see em” who said i have to broadcast everytime i go home. When i go back to columbus which is often, i go for family. I chill out to get away from the lime light and spend time with my love ones. If your sitting at home with your homeboys what are you accomplishing? answer… NOTHING! I’m on the road busting my a** not only for myself but for my town. Understand that i do this for ohio. I’m proud to be an ohio’n. I just want to be the walking billboard for all young males and females of ohio and all around the world that want to make it and live out a dream. I was born at Grant hospital in Columbus,ohio. Even though people don’t see me as much, its because i’m trying so hard to get us on the map!” (Bow Wow’s Blog)

He also went on to say since NBA superstar LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat, it is now his responsibility to take charge.

“You can’t do that by sitting at home. You have to get out here and work. Ever since Lebron left i feel like its up to me, Kid cudi, Chip the ripper and others to bring Ohio to the main stream. Ohio its our time. When Lottery Ticket drops Aug 20th in every theater across America, Know that’s us. Somebody from the town made it, A kid from ohio made it to the mainstream. I want yall to look at me and say.. “well if Bow can do it i can to” Who ever thought a boy from yall city would be filming with Tyler Perry, Forris Whitaker , etc… THATS BIG! im proud to represent OHIO. Come August 20th, we will be officially back on the map. I will step up and continue to do the things that will able us to compete with other big markets. Lets do this collectively. Together we can be on a whole nother level. Buckeye state for life. Cincy Cleveland Columbus Youngstown Toledo Dayton all over lets go chase the dream!” (Bow Wow’s Blog)

Earlier this year, Drake talked about the importance of helping represent for his Toronto, Canada hometown.

“Toronto is the biggest inspiration behind my music,” he said in an interview. “I do everything I do for Toronto. It’s a city I really believe in. It’s got a bunch of great people. We got a lot of undiscovered things in Toronto, man: women, nightlife, restaurants, clubs and talent. Women, first. I just wanna bring the city to the forefront. I feel like every place needs an ambassador. They need somebody to show the rest of the world how magical that place can be. I think Jay[-Z] does it for New York, a lot of people do it for Atlanta, Kanye did it for Chicago. A lot of rappers take it upon themselves. So I just really wanna be that guy for Toronto.” (Canadian Press)

In addition to music, Bow Wow was recently cast in the upcoming film, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.

Bow Wow landed the lead role in the upcoming comedy Lottery Ticket and now is confirmed to star in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family. Movie centers on the life of Miss Shirley, a single mother, who has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. With the help of Madea, she assembles her grown children (one being Bow Wow) for one final reunion. Big Happy Family is set for an April 22, 2011 release date. (WoooHa)

Check out some past footage of Bow Wow down below:

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