Bow Wow & Game Ride For Their Squads, “Tell LeBron To Pull His Hairline Down”

Bow Wow & Game Ride For Their Squads, “Tell LeBron To Pull His Hairline Down”

West Coast rapper Game and Bow Wow have vouched for their favorite basketball teams through a slew of taunts on Twitter.

Referencing yesterday’s Los Angeles Lakers versus Miami Heat match-up, Bow Wow proclaimed his respect and admiration for ex-Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James.

“My homie Bron torching yall. “Hand down man down” hahaha,” Bow Wow tweeted.

“Just got word my two big homies @SnoopDogg and @icecubewant to be Heat fans now … Haha #Lackersgotmoppedup”

“Im from columbus @thegame dont get mad cuz i text u and told how weak kobe bumb a** is”

“Shout out to @KingJames for getting that W. #OhioBoyz”

“@thegame come on bro admit it. Heat way more athletic homie u know it.”

“@thegame u stupid my n*gga.. even Magic going ham on yall. He said “It was embarrassing for the city” WOW#Imdonetweetingyou haha” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

Game fired back at Bow Wow’s taunts with his own witty lines.

“@bowwow from Cleveland & been a Cleveland fan since Bron got drafted. Now Bron leave & all of a sudden he a Miami fan.#fishyBidness.”

“@coolanddre F*CK YALL (in advance). #lakeshow#DEFENDINGchamps #la #betterWEATHERbetterBITCHES”

“@BowWow dont text me clownin, hit me on here so THE WORLD can see ha ha ha……”

“@BowWow QUESTION: what’s the difference between the Lakers & Lebron “hairline” ??? ANSWER: The lakers always gotta chance at coming back !”

“@bowwow go listen to #purpANDyellow n*gga & tell Lebron to either “pull his hairline DOWN or pull his eyebrows UP !#hairCLUBforMEN #mVp”


“@bowwow QUESTION: what do Stevie Wonder & Lebron have in common ? ANSWER: Neither of em know what a championship ring look like.” (Game’s Twitter)

Over the summer, Bow Wow penned an open “Dear Ohio” letter speaking on the aftermath of LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cavs for Miami.

“You can’t do that by sitting at home. You have to get out here and work. Ever since Lebron left i feel like its up to me, Kid cudi, Chip the ripper and others to bring Ohio to the main stream. Ohio its our time. When Lottery Ticket drops Aug 20th in everytheater across America, Know that’s us. Somebody from the town made it, A kid from ohio made it to the mainstream. I want yall to look at me and say.. “well if Bow can do it i can to” Who ever thought a boy from yall city would be filming with Tyler Perry, Forris Whitaker , etc… THATS BIG! im proud to represent OHIO. Come August 20th, we will be officially back on the map. I will step up and continue to do the things that will able us to compete with other big markets. Lets do this collectively. Together we can be on a whole nother level. Buckeye state for life. Cincy Cleveland Columbus Youngstown Toledo Dayton all over lets go chase the dream!” (Bow Wow’s Blog)

Following the Lakers’ championship win last June, Game released his Kobe Bryant-dedicated record, “Hustlin’ (Champion Anthem).”

Game releases “Hustlin'” (Champion’s Anthem) as Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers become World Champions again. Game was spotted court-side last night at Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Game tweeted just after the Lakers victory, shouting out to Lil Wayne, who released a Kobe Bryant song during last years Lakers championship run, saying he would hold it down for Kobe this year. (Dime Wars)

The Miami Heat defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 96-89 on Christmas Day in L.A.

Check out Game’s “Champion Anthem” below:

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