Bow Wow Exposes Biggest Weakness, “[It] Has Definitely Road Blocked Me”

Bow Wow Exposes Biggest Weakness, “[It] Has Definitely Road Blocked Me”

Actor/rapper Bow Wow has revealed one of his biggest weaknesses in his career and which Hollywood blockbuster actor’s status he is currently pursuing.

For Bow Wow, he has always admired rapper-turned-actor Will Smith.

“I’m not with anyone, I’m just focused on my career, nothing at this moment is more important than my career. I feel like once you feel like sky’s the limit and you’re in the hot seats you got to stay focused at the task at hand. Right now my task is really trying to be the next Will Smith. You got to keep all your weaknesses away and my weakness is women. I love women too much. Which has definitely road blocked me. I just try my best to channel my energy to other things and remain focus while making my work as fun as everything else. I’m having a lot of fun taking on this new stage in my life becoming a man.” (Global Grind)

Recently, Bow Wow announced linking up with The LOX’s Jadakiss to work on his upcoming untitled Cash Money Records debut.

“The status on the album, I haven’t started on it yet,” Bow Wow revealed in an interview. “I have Jadakiss on board. Me and Jada, we’re gonna complete my whole entire album. I got Jada as the ambassador of my album. I did that because I wanted somebody who was well respected in hip-hop to challenge me. And coming with the Green Light mixtapes that I’ve been coming out with, the response I’ve been getting, I just want to take it to another level so what other way than to have one of the greatest of all time right now and that’s Kiss and that’s my man. So we’re about to get down and do it real big. It’s [Cash Money Billionaires], you know what time it is baby.” (Real Talk NY)

Last March, Bow Wow revealed that his new double-disc album was in the works.

“Ok, this is the first time i am talking about my 8th album,” he wrote Friday (March 5). “I am here to announce that i will have a double disc album. 2 cds in 1 album. With every album i try to be creative when it comes to a theme for my cd’s. I have no name yet, or at least i think i do (gnr)…So why not kill 2 birds in 1 stone and give the greenlight fans something to f*ck with and all my male fans who just now f*cking with me and my fans such as the ladies and all my fans that been messing with me since day 1. I want to cater to all my demographics. I want every 1 to be pleased as im gearing up to make my Cash Money debut. So this album is a more of a me thing, but u all will love it. because this album is a reflection of who i am.” (Who Is Shad Moss?)

In 2009, the rapper announced his retirement from rap.

“This is my last album because for me, there’s no more that needs to be done on the music side, I’ve done everything,” Bow explained. “And the scary thing is I’m 22 years-old and I’m young. I’m still a baby, so it’s kinda like on the music side, I’ve been doing it since five. That’s 17 years of non-stop music, music, music. There’s nothing more to accomplish that I haven’t seen yet…I feel like now it’s time to endure a new challenge…Close the chapter on the Bow Wow legacy…As far as albums, I’m good. Seven albums at 22, that’s crazy.” (Real Talk NY)

Check out some recent Bow Wow footage down below:

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