Bow Wow Calls Himself Cash Money’s Triple Threat, “I Open Up Doors In Hollywood”

Bow Wow Calls Himself Cash Money’s Triple Threat, “I Open Up Doors In Hollywood”

Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow recently discussed his position on Baby’s record label and described what fans can expect from his upcoming new album.

In Bow Wow’s eyes, his ability to venture outside of music enables him to carve out his own niche on the star-studded label.

“I’m Cash Money, but you know we’re all under the same umbrella. It’s all the same thing we screaming out, ‘YMCMB.’ We’re all under one umbrella and that’s what it is, we all fit together well because we’re all so different. Nicki [Minaj] is the first female rapper on the label, Drake is the new artist and you’ve got [Lil] Wayne, he’s a rock star. Then myself, I’m like the triple threat. I do the movies; I do the music, so we all contribute off of each other. I can open up doors in Hollywood for my team mates and just try to make things easier for them. Nicki wants to do movies; she was supposed to be in ‘Lottery Ticket’, a lot of people didn’t know that. She actually auditioned; I set it up and everything. So that’s just the power that I have, that’s what I can do, so it’s really all about just helping each other.” (The Wrap-Up)

He also said there are designs to secure Nas, Talib Kweli and other rap stars for his Cash Money debut album.

“I already worked with Nicki, but it was something for one of my mixtapes, this was before she was even signed with Young Money. We did this freestyle called ‘Kiss My A**’, but of course expect her on my album, expect Wayne on the album also. Me, Snoop Dogg, and Fabolous got this record called ‘Cuff Your Chick’ that I’m going to release in the next few weeks, we about to shoot the video for that in like a week. I’m going to shoot the video with my boy Rico, so it’s going to be big. It’s all about keeping it popping, so you already know I’m going to work with everybody. This album is going to be totally different, I hollered at the big homie, Talib Kweli, I’m going to be working with him, and I even spoke to my big homie, Nas. We recently chopped it up in Atlanta and were trying to come up with an idea and theme for the song. So as you can tell just by the names I’m mentioning, where I’m trying to go with this album. It’s going to be different from anything you’ve ever heard from me before.” (The Wrap-Up)

Last summer, Bow Wow revealed The LOX’s Jadakiss would get involved with his solo LP.

“The status on the album, I haven’t started on it yet,” Bow Wow revealed in an interview. “I have Jadakiss on board. Me and Jada, we’re gonna complete my whole entire album. I got Jada as the ambassador of my album. I did that because I wanted somebody who was well respected in hip-hop to challenge me. And coming with the Green Light mixtapes that I’ve been coming out with, the response I’ve been getting, I just want to take it to another level so what other way than to have one of the greatest of all time right now and that’s Kiss and that’s my man. So we’re about to get down and do it real big. It’s [Cash Money Billionaires], you know what time it is baby.” (Real Talk NY)

However, Kiss later came forward to clear up the speculation.

“That’s still in the talks,” Jada said about overseeing Bow Wow’s LP. “I hollered at Bow, then he mentioned it on the red carpet of the Lottery Ticket premiere and I looked at the Internet bugging out. But we briefly talked about it over the phone, that’s just talks. If it’s the right situation and needs me to do something, I’ll help him out. He reached out to the God MC to oversee his joint and like I said in the question before this, it’s a business and there’s proper channels it has to go through in order to make it happen. If he wanna do it, we can do it, but right now it’s just talks.” (Karen Civil)

Bow Wow’s upcoming Cash Money debut album is set to drop in 2012.

Check out some recent Bow Wow footage down below:

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