Bow Wow Buries Cash Money Beef Rumors, “Now I Am At My Peace”

Bow Wow Buries Cash Money Beef Rumors, “Now I Am At My Peace”

Rapper Bow Wow has swayed off recent hype and speculation which suggested there are tensions between himself and his label, Cash Money Records.

Although he did not address the rumor directly, Bow Weezy let it be known he is happy with his current label situation.

“Moving to Miami helped me. It helped me find myself as a man. Now things are coming naturally. I’m in Cash Money Records, a place I wanted to sign with. Now I am at my peace, and when peace is in my life I am at my best. That’s when it’s real scary for my competition, because then I feel I am invincible,” Bow Wow said in an interview. “[What’s it like with the YMCMB family?] They aren’t only good people, but good artists as well. We all help each other out, so as long as we do that we can make the label and brand even bigger. That’s what we are about.” (Daily Nebraskan)

Last month, speculation developed on Bow Wow’s Cash Money woes.

I never fully understood where Bow Wow fit in the Cash Money machine. But, wherever that is, its not on the inside of the clique. It seems like Bow Weezy is doing is own thing and not doing such a bad job. The only thing is its not with the rest of YMCMB. He’s out doing just about everything on his own, which is not good. Meanwhile Wayne is killin’ em with the anticipation of dedication. Rhymes with Snitch gathered the tweets and surmised the lil’ homey’s inner thoughts that were put on Twitter. No emo. (All Hip Hop Rumors)

Controversial tweets suggested he may have ventured into swaying away from the music powerhouse.

“Doing everything on my own. No help from nobody. Going to radio dolo going to da clubs f*k’n wit dj’s dolo. So when i win im thankn myself,” he tweeted in August.

“Sh*t so f*cked up maaan.. I swear. Im tryna stay focused but its like at this point ‘F*ck that album’ & F*ck a release date. Im doin shows..”

“on tour my shows is sell’n out. Im able to feed my fam and do what i do. Thats whats important. Dis album has fallen to 9th place on my list” (Bow Wow’s Twitter)

Earlier in the year, Bow Wow dismissed suicide speculation after tweeting out emotional comments back in 2010.

“My mind state was regular. It’s like that text message that you get where you don’t know if a friend is yelling at you or not yelling at you. That’s what that was. I just woke up and everybody kept calling my phone. It was a comedic way of saying, I guess people took it the wrong way [I] was like “When I die,” but when I typed it people thought I was really depressed, like I was gon’ kill myself. I was like ‘Nah, nah, nah!’ I can’t even jump on Twitter and be like ‘I’ma die.’ Like if I’m watching Friday, and I could tweet ‘I’m dying [laughing] right now” and it’d be like “Bow Wow’s dying, Bow Wow’s dead!” It’s just like the world of Twitter, ain’t nobody gotta worry about me, I’m good. My head is on straight.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out some recent Bow Wow footage below:

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