Bow Wow Admits To Living A Lie, “I Had To Sacrifice Acting Up An Image I Never Wanted”

Bow Wow Admits To Living A Lie, “I Had To Sacrifice Acting Up An Image I Never Wanted”

Cash Money Records’ Bow Wow has admitted to portraying a fake rap image and not revealing his true self over the past decade.

Bow Wow promised his upcoming untitled solo album would reveal the truth behind who he really is.

“This album will be my most personal and probably most controversial because of the title,” Bow said in an interview. “Some might hate on it, but it’s true. It’s going to make people understand why I’m feeling like that. I haven’t announced the title, but I pretty much have it confirmed in my head…There’s a certain perception of me. But I’m ready to open up and give the world all of me. I had to sacrifice acting up an image that I never wanted in the first place, and I did it because it was the only situation that was going to put my mother in the right place and take care of my family. But it doesn’t feel good doing sh*t that you don’t really feel good about. I never felt like I could be me. Now, I’m ready to say if you don’t like it, than you don’t like me.” (VIBE)

The rapper also said he felt like not enough credit has been given to him.

“I felt overlooked my entire career, and felt like I never got credit for anything that I’ve ever done,” Bow Wow added. “This is what everybody turned me into–a little beast and now I’m on attack mode.” (VIBE)

In August, Bow Wow said he would work on the new album with help from Jadakiss.

“The status on the album, I haven’t started on it yet,” Bow Wow revealed in an interview. “I have Jadakiss on board. Me and Jada, we’re gonna complete my whole entire album. I got Jada as the ambassador of my album. I did that because I wanted somebody who was well respected in hip-hop to challenge me. And coming with the Green Light mixtapes that I’ve been coming out with, the response I’ve been getting, I just want to take it to another level so what other way than to have one of the greatest of all time right now and that’s Kiss and that’s my man. So we’re about to get down and do it real big. It’s [Cash Money Billionaires], you know what time it is baby.” (Real Talk NY)

When asked about his involvement, Jada was hesitant to say he fully signed on.

“That’s still in the talks,” Jada said about overseeing Bow Wow’s LP. “I hollered at Bow, then he mentioned it on the red carpet of the Lottery Ticket premiere and I looked at the Internet bugging out. But we briefly talked about it over the phone, that’s just talks. If it’s the right situation and needs me to do something, I’ll help him out. He reached out to the God MC to oversee his joint and like I said in the question before this, it’s a business and there’s proper channels it has to go through in order to make it happen. If he wanna do it, we can do it, but right now it’s just talks.” (Karen Civil)

A release date and title for the project have not yet been announced.

Check out Jadakiss speaking on Bow Wow’s album down below:

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