Boi-1da Explains Kanye West Diss, “People Took It The Wrong Way” [Video]

Boi-1da Explains Kanye West Diss, “People Took It The Wrong Way” [Video]

Producer & Drake associate Boi-1da has clarified a recent remark he made on Twitter, singling out Kanye West out for making a career out of sampling other artists’ music.

According to Boi-1da, his tweet was misunderstood by the public.

“The tweet was just speaking about the irony of Kanye West yelling at 40 for stealing his sound. People took it the wrong way, and thought I sent a shot. But I’m saying Kanye made a career off of sampling soul records. If somebody takes a sound that you started and runs […] and does their own thing with it, you should be flattered about that instead of being discouraged… He’s a legend in the game, one if the best ever. People think I took a shot at him. I dont think that’s a shot at all. I have the most respect for him.” (Miss Info TV)

Earlier this month, Boi-1da tweeted his thoughts on Yeezy’s utilization of music sampling.

“Lol @ Kanye West talking bout stealing swag, when hes made a career of sampling records SMDH #TheAudacity,” Boi tweeted Friday (October 8).

“i mean dudes one of the greatest ever, but … smh”

“@ChristianoHo no beef, just speaking my mind” (Boi-1da’s Twitter)

Boi is reportedly alluding to Yeezy’s rhymes from the new “Deuces” remix which also features Drake, Andre 3000, T.I. and Fabolous.

I don’t know exactly what Boi-1da is referring to but here are Kanye’s lyrics on the ‘Decues’ remix. Anybody else know another story? “Girl seducers, they come in Deuces/when I cut ‘em off they always become a nuisance/n***as take my old flows and they take my old swag/he just took my old b**ch and turn it to his new b**ch/hehe, I’m stupid.” (Hip Hop N More)

As of late, West has been kept busy working on his upcoming new album.

Kanye West has given fans some extended (and sometimes unsettling) glimpses inside his psyche lately, from his decadent DalĂ­-esque video for “Power” to the pristine troupe of ballet dancers who surrounded him during his recent performances on “Saturday Night Live.” So it’s only fitting that the title of his next album should reflect the summation of his alternately playful and twisted soul: the record will be called “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Mr. West wrote Tuesday morning on his Twitter account. Mr. West said the first song on the album would be “Dark Fantasy,” a track produced by RZA and co-produced by No I.D. and Mr. West, and the next single to be released would be a song called “All of the Lights.” (New York Times)

Check out Boi-1da’s interview below:

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