Blu Wants Charles Hamilton To Drop A Sonic Boom, “His Personality Speaks So Much”

Blu Wants Charles Hamilton To Drop A Sonic Boom, “His Personality Speaks So Much”

With New York rapper Charles Hamilton dropping his new single, “Happy New Year” this week, SOHH recently hit up his fellow 2009 XXL Freshman rapper Blu to find out what advice he has for the elusive emcee to get his buzz back up.

Blu said Hamilton should bottle up his personal life and use it as energy for creating music.

“I would say Charles Hamilton needs to put all of his controversy into music instead of putting it out into the media,” Blu told SOHH when asked what words of wisdom he has for Charles. “His personality speaks so much. I think if he would put that into his music, it would help his music speak louder. He’s a dope brother though.” (SOHH)

In 2010, Chicago rapper Rhymefest told SOHH that he believes Hamilton needs to find happiness.

“I mean, I don’t have anything against the brother, like, I don’t hardball, I just feel like you diss me, I diss you,” Fest told SOHH referring to his past beef with Hamilton. “That’s just the way it is, I don’t hold no animosity but I see the brother is punishing himself. You know what I’m saying? He thinks there’s something, he may think it’s something Jesus-like in the self-sacrificing that he’s doing, but he’s punishing himself and he has to […] to decide to stop doing that, not just with me but with everything. With the J-Dilla [rumor], the girl he hit on — all the stuff, I kinda feel empathy, I think that would be the correct word, not sympathy but empathy, I’m like man bro, whatever depression, he gotta find happiness and stop punishing himself.” (SOHH)

A year prior, G-Unit leader 50 Cent spoke on the rapper getting punched by his girlfriend.

“I seen a girl knock this n*gga the f*ck out…He lucky he ain’t hit her back. He woulda hit her and got his a** beat. They woulda put that n*gga through the meat grinder. You don’t [come back from that.] You say, ‘Look, I’m a gentleman.’ You play the gentleman role after that because if he would have hit dude’s daughter, n*ggas woulda, ah man.” (Radio Planet TV)

Hamilton’s new “Happy New Year” record dropped this week.

“12/31/11, someone is reppin’, gun shot, someone drops, they in heaven,” Hamilton raps, “But it’s New Year’s, two beers/New fears, new broads with brassieres/And I’m trying to hit, slide in it/Vibe for a bit/Then we hit the crib — I’m on 40-deuce doing flying and sh*t, looking at the ball, it’s crystal/I see the future, I be the future, and we be music — and my money right away, no C.O.D’s, cop my CD, if I feel the need to drop one.” (“Happy New Year”)

Check out “Happy New Year” below:

Charles Hamilton – Happy New Year by LitoStarr

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