Blu, 40 Glocc & WC Ride For 2Pac, “His Real Life Needs To Be Exposed”

Blu, 40 Glocc & WC Ride For 2Pac, “His Real Life Needs To Be Exposed”

With the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic underway and today marking his 40th birthday, West Coast rappers Blu, 40 Glocc and WC weigh in on the late California legend’s movie anticipation.

Los Angeles-based emcee Blu believes a well-produced Pac movie could benefit generations of fans.

“A successful Tupac film would just go to the enterprise that is Tupac and go to the minds of getting to learn more information on such a deep and talented artist,” Blu told SOHH. “He was such a passionate artist. Hopefully the movie can say an increment of what his music said. He said so much in his music and interviews and just his body language alone that it’s definitely something work studying throughout the years.” (SOHH)

G-Unit Records’ 40 Glocc hopes the film shows the down-to-earth side of Pac he remembers.

“From what I heard, they haven’t fully started working on it yet,” 40 explained to SOHH. “I would hope that it depicts what he was really about and it should come out really dope. Surely enough he was the people’s person and the people would see him on the street, so I hope the film shows that type of person. Don’t entitle him to this form where he was this big celebrity superstar that nobody touched him and talked to him. He was the type of dude who had everything but you could still see him at the corner liquor store.” (SOHH)

West Coast rap veteran WC feels Pac’s story needs to be told in full, once and for all.

“Anything related to Tupac I want to check out because he had so much to say,” WC told SOHH. “He had a side of him that a lot of people didn’t get a chance to see. Dude was deep. Tupac was always seen as this one type of person in the media but he did his thing. There’s so many questions as to why his life was the way it was and why he was saying what he was saying. His real life needs to be exposed. Pac’s story is something that needs to be seen and needs to be heard. I’m down with it.” (SOHH)

Casting for the new film was officially launched last March.

Casting will begin next week on Morgan Creek’s Tupac Shakur biopic, “Tupac” — and they’re looking for you to star! Starting Monday, March 21, Morgan Creek and Skee.TV will be acceptingaudition videos online for the lead role of Shakur via the InSearchOfTupac.comwebsite. Over the course of the month long open call, anyone interested can post a 5 minute video. (Too Fab)

Check out some past Tupac Shakur footage below:

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