Blockbuster To Sell Concert Tix


Mega movie retailer Blockbuster Inc. has partnered with Live Nation to begin selling concert tickets at several of their locations.

According to the Associated Press, the three-year agreement will provide the rental franchise an additional outlet in roughly 500 stores by providing customers more reasons to visit the chain.

“This is another step in the right direction,” Blockbuster Chief Executive James Keyes told the AP. “It helps reinforce what Blockbuster really is trying to do – provide the most convenient access to entertainment and media.”

Despite the new venture, increasing popularity of purchasing tickets online will likely make Blockbuster account for slightly less than ten percent of the tickets Live Nation plans to sell next year, totaling just over ten million.

With the new relationship, Blockbuster will also help the mega concert promotion company extend its’ reach into department stores, supermarkets and additional retailers due to the rental franchise’s various business partnerships.

Blockbuster is slated to begin servicing concert tickets beginning January 2009.

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