Black Rob Stands By Bad Boy Amid Uncertainty, “I Haven’t Heard From Anyone Telling Me The Deal”

Black Rob Stands By Bad Boy Amid Uncertainty, “I Haven’t Heard From Anyone Telling Me The Deal”

Longtime Bad Boy artist Black Rob recently spoke about his standing with Diddy‘s renowned label, from behind bars.

In an interview with XXLmag, the “Whoa” rap slinger debunked rumors claiming he was reportedly dropped from Diddy’s record company.

“I haven’t heard from these dudes, they might’ve took me off the Bad Boy website or whatever but I haven’t heard from anyone telling me what the deal is. So until I get a piece of paper saying that I’m no longer a Bad Boy artist, I’m still reppin’ that flag. I’m a team player man.”

MTV previously reported the Harlem-based emcee was serving time after being arrested in 2004 for theft.

The rapper, whose real name is Robert Ross, was arrested at 11:45 a.m. at the On the Ave Hotel for entering and remaining in a hotel room, and removing jewelry from the room without authority, according to a police spokesperson. Ross’s accomplice, Damien Ashmeade, was arrested at 3:50 p.m.

Shortly after the incident, Rob later confessed to the crime, according to Billboard.

The rapper pleaded guilty to criminal possession of stolen property last November and was sentenced to 2 – 6 years in jail. Although he was free on bail, Ross never reported for sentencing in January and was eventually arrested in February in New Jersey.

Rob’s rise to fame came on the heels of his smash 1999 hit “Whoa” and lacing vocals on numerous Bad Boy tracks including “Let’s Get It.” However, Allmusic traces his roots back to the earlier times.

Bad Boy rapper Black Rob began his recording career appearing on albums like the Cru‘s Da Dirty 30 and collaborating with artists like L.O.X., Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Kim, and Total before releasing his first album, Life Story, in early 2000.

No information has yet been released on when Rob will be released from prison.

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