Black Rob Reveals Truth About 4-Year Prison Bid, “I’m Blaming Myself For That”

Black Rob Reveals Truth About 4-Year Prison Bid, “I’m Blaming Myself For That”

Former Bad Boy artist Black Rob, who recently returned home from a four-year prison bid, says he blames himself for being forced away from making music.

Rob blamed his work ethic and lifestyle in the mid-2000’s for getting him locked up in 2006 on grand larceny charges.

“I’mma tell you like this,” Rob said in an interview. “I’m blaming myself for that. I wasn’t focused. I was running around wild-style. I’m out of town. I’m [telling my label]: ‘I’m never coming back to New York.’ I didn’t have the work ethic that I have right now. If I had the work ethic that I have right now, I’d probably be 10 albums deep. But things happen. We not gonna cry over it. One thing I do know is that the two albums I did put out, they solidified my name and a brand. Therefore, I can come home and do it again. Those two albums left the door wide-open. Like, ‘B.R. is nasty. He can come right back.’ Not too many people can do what I’m doing right now. Come back home after doing four, five [years] and pop off again. This is a testament right now.” (MTV)

Rob recently shared his thoughts on Diddy‘s Bad Boy roster and why he was not tempted to re-sign with the label.

“It was something spoke about it like that with the Vice President of Bad Boy, [Harve Pierre], myself and Puffy on the phone,” Rob said about Diddy wanting him back. “But, Puffy’s doing what he’s doing right now with all these other artists. So, I’m not gonna try to take a backseat to none of these artists that ain’t selling norecords. Ain’t none of them selling more records than me. None of ‘em sold more records than me, so I’m not gon’ take a backseat to none of them dudes. None of them n*ggas is better than me. I don’t care how many records you make my man… I’m out of the contract. I’m done with Bad Boy. I got the official decision letter two days ago. So I’m officially done with Bad Boy. As of now, I’m officially a free agent. I can go anywhere I wanna go.” (Hip Hop DX)

Last month, Rob updated fans on his relationship with Puff since recently being released from prison.

“Nah,” Rob said when asked if he still had a relationship with Bad Boy. “If you tell me you love me, you tell me you my man, then I’ma take that, I’ma run with that. You feel me? So when something happens to me and you turn your back on me regardless of the situation, regardless of what we’re going through. I don’t appreciate that, I don’t respect that. Because if you’re my man, I’m always gonna be your man unless you flip on me. I was under the assumption I was family. If you follow Black Rob’s career, you know I been through a whole bunch. When the album’s getting ready to come out, I’m either in jail or somewhere I’m not supposed to be. I’m not blaming Bad Boy, let me set the record straight, I’m not blaming P. Diddy — I did that, that was me. I have no hatred…” (BET)

In March 2006, Rob was sentenced to time behind bars.

Harlem MC Black Rob was sentenced to seven years in prison yesterday (March 30) for grand larceny. After being convicted of a 2004 robbery of a hotel room, the Bad Boy rapper was supposed to turn himself in on January 24 to serve a two-to-six year sentence. Upon missing the date, he became a fugitive, but was finally picked up on February 24. Because he fled, Rob was given the maximum sentence of seven years. (XXL Mag)

Check out Diddy briefly speak on Black Rob below:

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