Black Rob Makes The Streets Go Whoa, Post-Diddy Debut Tracklisting Revealed

Black Rob Makes The Streets Go Whoa, Post-Diddy Debut Tracklisting Revealed

Former Bad Boy Records artist Black Rob‘s long-awaited Game Tested, Streets Approved album cover and tracklisting have leaked online.

Based on the listing, Rob only recruited one guest appearance for the LP.

1 Welcome Back 2 Boiling Water 3 Bumpin 4 Can’t Make It In NY 5 Showin Up 6 Celebration 7 Wanna Get Dough 8 Get Involved 9 Sand to the Beach 10 Made Me a Man 11 F*ck Em 12 This Is What It Is 13 Up North – This Is What It Is 14 No Fear (feat. Sean Price) 15 Sh*t (iTunes Bonus) 16 Stand Off (iTunes Bonus) 17 Nothin (iTunes Bonus) (Game Tested, Streets Approved)

Last month, Black Rob said his post-Bad Boy Records debut will not have any beef-themed tracks aimed at former boss, Diddy.

“I mean, I dib and dab in the Bad Boy subject but I’m not pin-pointing anyone. If the shoe fits wear it. I’m not trying to cause a war ’cause it’s not even worth it. I feel like at the end of the day I’ma be BR regardless of Puffy and Duck Down [Records]…There was never a beef. There was a misunderstanding. [If] they want it to be a beef, that’s for the critics to say. People that know Puff, know me. It’s never gonna be no beef cause we grown men and it would come to a head. I had to clear the air.” (XXL Mag)

Rob announced plans to drop the new album through indie label Duck Down Records last October.

“The people have been asking for true hip hop music, and that’s what I’m giving them. I stayed away from features. I’ve been away for 4 joints, so I feel the people deserve to hear me. When I came home, I went right to work, and didn’t have time to reach out to cats. On my next project you will get that. As for producers, I have some up-and-coming cats on there. I believe in giving cats a chance. As far as named producers you may hear a joint or two from Buckwild, Self Service, Bishop, Scram Jones and Pete Rock.” (Press Release)

Prior to the announcement, Rob said he would consider signing a new deal with Bad Boy.

“I would sign to Bad Boy again. I would sign to them again if push came to shove. I would sign a contract with Bad Boy again, ’cause now I know the business side of everything. I can’t get jerked. Not saying that Puff jerked me, but now I know the business side so I can go at this a little bit different now. I can go in there with some knowledge, knowing that you can do this and I can do this, and you can’t do this…I want this, this what I’m supposed to have, where’s it at?” (Hip Hop DX)

Game Tested, Street Approved is slated to drop Tuesday, July 26th.

Check out some recent Black Rob footage below:

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