Black Rob Blacks Out, “I’m Not Second To Ross, Red Cafe, Nicki [Or] Nobody” [Video]

Black Rob Blacks Out, “I’m Not Second To Ross, Red Cafe, Nicki [Or] Nobody” [Video]

Former Bad Boy Records artist Black Rob has blacked out on his naysayers by reminding them of his presence in the rap game and cemented place in hip-hop.

Speaking in an interview, Rob also shared a few issues he had during his decade-run at Bad Boy.

“Once I caught my bid – or whatever the case may be, [Bad Boy Records] was like ‘F*ck you. We’re gonna use Black Rob as a springboard for this [Notorious B.I.G. Duets album] – which flopped by the way — but it wasn’t Biggie’s fault. It was just a point where they said ‘F*ck The Black Rob Report — Bad Boy left me for dead. It wasn’t like I needed money or anything from anybody. I had money – still got money. It wasn’t a money thing…They did nothing to keep my name alive. They took me off their website, just left me for dead…I’m not second to [Rick] Ross, I’m not second to Red Cafe, I’m not second to Nicki [Minaj]. Nobody. I’m BR. That’s it, n*gga!” (Future iMag)

Last summer, Rob made headlines after publicly attacking Diddy’s loyalty.

“As far as all the people at Bad Boy, nobody reached out to me [when I was in jail] because all it takes is the press of a button, department of corrections, you know my name and birthday, I used to work here,” Black Rob said in an interview. “When I heard this n*gga went to see [Lil] Wayne in jail and you ain’t come and see BR? After all the years we spent together? Like, that sh*t didn’t mean nothing to you, dawg? You actually think I’m not your man? So that right there, told me, that n*gga was never my man. You had like 50 employees, you ain’t even have to write the letter — Puff wasn’t the one doing the records with me, he was just the last word. ‘Good record. I like that, I wanna get on that.’ He’s not in the studio, 20 hours, 15 hours with me, never. It wasn’t no love over there man. It wasn’t no love. Dudes was just using, just trying to use me…They used the Black Rob Report as a springboard for the Biggie duet album. Puff wasn’t doing nothing. He ain’t have no records out. It was dry, everybody was going.” (This Is 50)

He later came forward and blamed his emotions for attacking Puff.

“The situation with me and Puff, I want to clear this up right now, I don’t have no problems with Puff,” Rob said in a video. “Puff is actually instrumental in getting my release from Atlantic Records…That interview was a couple months ago, probably a month and a half ago closer to two, that was at the time I was dealing with emotion, I was dealing with emotions. When you deal with emotions, you might say things you don’t really mean. Especially when you don’t have the real story behind it…I spoke my mind and I got it off my chest, but now, now that me and Puff done spoke on everything — that interview should be nulled and void.” (Street Heat)

No longer a Bad Boy, Rob recently signed a record deal with renowned indie label, Duck Down.

“The people have been asking for true hip hop music, and that’s what I’m giving them. I stayed away from features. I’ve been away for 4 joints, so I feel the people deserve to hear me. When I came home, I went right to work, and didn’t have time to reach out to cats. On my next project you will get that. As for producers, I have some up-and-coming cats on there. I believe in giving cats a chance. As far as named producers you may hear a joint or two from Buckwild, Self Service, Bishop, Scram Jones and Pete Rock.” (Press Release)

Check out Black Rob’s interview below:

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