Bizarre Twist In Rihanna’s Burglary Case Revealed, Police Make Arrest

Bizarre Twist In Rihanna’s Burglary Case Revealed, Police Make Arrest

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna may be able to sleep a bit better these days as reports claim law enforcement have arrested a man who allegedly tried to break into her home recently.

Police arrested a man yesterday (October 4) after he tried to bust into RiRi’s house.

When Rihanna wrote “Rude Boy,” we doubt she was thinking of this guy. E! News has learned that police have arrested Jonathan Wooper after he reportedly scaled the wall at the R&B superstar’s Los Angeles estate Friday morning. Sgt. Gary Levy tells E! News the suspect seemed to have some delusions about knowing the “Diamonds” singer and being friends with her. (E! Online)

To make things more unusual, the arrested man is believed to be the same person responsible for attempting to break in last week.

But according to the report, as it turns out, there was another attempted break-in at RiRi’s residence this past Sunday, in which a would-be burglar had tried to throw a chair through a window, but he managed to get away. Authorities are now investigating whether the two men are one and the same. A rep for Rihanna was unavailable for comment, but she wasn’t home as she’s currently in Australia on her Diamonds world tour. (E! Online)

A charge of burglary has reportedly been issued following the arrest.

2:12 PM PT: We’ve learned cops now say the trespasser and the attempted burglar are one in the same so they’ve just booked him on the burglary charge. Law enforcement sources tell us he’s a 27-year-old man who believes he and Rihanna are friends. (TMZ)

Last year, rap mogul LL Cool J made headlines after attacking an intruder in his California home.

He kicks major butt on NCIS: Los Angeles, but did LL Cool J go too far in busting up a would-be burglar? For those few who think the “Mama Said Knock You Out” MC might have gone a little too far in his response, Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, tells E! News that of course he won’t be charged. “He’s the victim, not the perpetrator,” Robison said. (E! Online)

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