Bizarre Says Don’t Call D12’s Return A Comeback, “We Just Had To Get Ourselves Together”

Bizarre Says Don’t Call D12’s Return A Comeback, “We Just Had To Get Ourselves Together”

With recent talk of an upcoming D12 album being in the works, SOHH hit up Bizarre to find out what hip-hop heads can expect from the Dirty Dozen in 2010.

Speaking on how the group has matured over the past few years, Biz said plans to put out a mixtape has become the primary focus.

“The passing of Proof really affected us,” Biz told SOHH about the group’s growth over the past decade. “We learned to really appreciate life more. We definitely had to step up more and play more of a leadership role as a group to make sure everything was focused and keep this D12 movement moving and alive. That’s one thing that Proof definitely wanted to happen so we gotta see through with his wishes. The mixtape we’re doing is just a warmup, just to get the vibe going and get the streets talking. We can’t just come out with an album and ain’t nobody heard from us in a while. Right now it’s really about lyrics and mixtape styles to break it up with some D12 concepts and ideas.” (SOHH)

He also wanted to let fans know D12’s return is not a “comeback” since they never parted with hip-hop.

“Everybody’s looking at this as a comeback but we just had to get ourselves together because for a while it wasn’t really focused on music, we just had a lot of things going on,” Biz added. “Like I said, with the death of Proof, so we’re definitely doing it for ourselves, definitely for our fans, definitely for Proof, so I guess for all three of those reasons.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Biz said work on a third group project stopped after Proof was fatally shot in 2006.

“Actually, we started working on the album a week or two before Proof got killed. After that, we went in like four or five months after, but it just didn’t feel right. Then we just took a break for a year. Proof’s death just threw everybody off. I came out with Blue Cheese and Coney Island. Mr. Porter was heavy working with Dr. Dre. But we finally got it together again like three of four months ago. We did a whole tour together to get the vibe back. We just going back in the studio now. We got some songs, but they’re kind of outdated, so we want to get a fresh new batch. We realized that this is what Proof would want us to do.” (Complex)

D12 have over a decade of music to their names.

D12’s 2001 debut album, Devil’s Night (Interscope/Shady Records), had potential to cause some waves, with the inclusion of their raucous 2000 single, “Sh*t on You.” After a three-year wait, D12 returned with 2004’s D12 World, including guest appearances from Obie Trice and B Real. (All Music)

Check out a past D12 interview below:

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