Birdman Stans Lil Wayne Homage W/ New Face Tat

Birdman Stans Lil Wayne Homage W/ New Face Tat

Cash Money Records CEO Birdman is showing Lil Wayne just how much he really loves him by reportedly inking up a tattoo of the rap star’s Trukfit clothing line onto his face.

Photos of Baby’s latest facial addition surfaced online this weekend.

Birdman shows his loyalty by getting, “GTV,” and a “Trukfit,” logo tattooed on his face. “Grand Touring Vodka,” is the name of his vodka brand and, “Trukfit,” is the name of Lil Wayne’s clothing line. (Real Talk NY)

This comes just a week after Birdman bigged up Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em with a face tat.

You know what they say: birds of a feather flock together. In the case of Birdman and Soulja Boy, the two rappers got similar tattoos on the side of their faces. WTF? On Monday (March 11), the Cash Money Records honcho posted a photo on Twitter of himself with the Rich Gang emblem from his latest mixtape etched into the side of his face. “RichGang.” YMCMBoss,” he wrote with the photo. (The Drop)

Back in early January, photos of Weezy F. Baby rocking a “BAKED” tat above his eyebrow emerged.

You know what they say: “New year, new face tattoo.” At least that’s what Lil Wayne says. The rapper-turned-skateboarder decided to pay homage to skateboard company Baker the best way he knows how–by tattooing the word “baked” on his forehead. Weezy, who already has stars, a lightning bolt and teardrops (among other things) tattooed on his noggin, chose the area above his right eye for his new ink because… that’s the only place he has left? (FUSE TV)

A few years ago, West Coast rapper Game shared his take on artists upping their face game with standout ink jobs like Gucci Mane‘s now-iconic ice cream cone.

“I seen Gucci’s new face tat and as soon I did, I thought ‘finally they can get off me about his butterfly/star/LA sh*t.’ That’s what I thought. But you know what man, I don’t give a f*ck about what they say about anybody, a muthaf*cka could tattoo a butterfly, ice cream cone, apple pie on their cheek. Bottom-line, if you know Gucci, you know he’s real. He been on trial for his life and all of that. He bodied people. So he could tattoo a f*ckin’ tampon on his face for all I care. You can’t say he’s buster or whatever. And me I done been shot, stole sh*t, robbed people, everyth-f*ckin’-thing you can think of. Tattoos don’t mean sh*t, they ain’t nothing but good art.” (VIBE)

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