Birdman Flies High W/ Lil Wayne & Young Money Movie Talk, Announces YMCMB Flick

Birdman Flies High W/ Lil Wayne & Young Money Movie Talk, Announces YMCMB Flick

Cash Money Records co-owner Birdman sees much more than just platinum-selling albums from his artists, recently announcing plans to shoot an upcoming film called Rich Gang starring Lil Wayne.

Despite Hollywood implications, Birdman does not expect his roster of artists to check into acting school for the flick.

“We start shooting that in the fall,” Birdman revealed to XXL. “That’s the whole team, that’s like a 2012 Balla Blocking. The Rich Gang movie is about the team. Everybody is going to be the star of it, but Wayne will be the center of it. It’s about the team, everybody that’s on the label. … I would like them [to] just be themselves. I’m not gonna tell no n*gga to go to acting school. Just be yourself. We’re excited as a brand about it. Tyga, everybody is like, ‘Stunna, let’s do a movie.’ We got a few of them lined up and we gonna shoot them.” (XXL Mag)

Last May, Cash Money’s Bow Wow shared his take on rappers giving Hollywood a shot.

“I’m always looking for a role that’s a challenge,” Bow Wow said in an interview. “I hate when I’m watching rappers in movies, because it pisses me off when I see them still being the rapper and I try to stay away from that. Anything that’s a challenge is something that I up for. Nobody knows this, but the craziest thing that I did not do was ‘Big Mama’s House 3.’ They wanted me to be the role that Brandon T. Jackson played, but I passed because I was scared of that sh*t. I feel like I’m ready to take my career to the next level, but it’s all about making the right decisions and I feel like I made the right decision by not making that particular film. It’s kind of like, if a role is not fit for you and you’ll know if it’s not because you’ll just have that feeling once you read it, and that’s how I felt.” (Baller Status)

In the past, Young Money star Drake‘s manager talked about his disinterest in taking rapper-targeted movie roles.

“We wanna start entertaining these movie offers. Drake is looking to come out with the role no one else expects. He’s not gonna be the teen heartthrob or the college kid. He wants roles where he can show his acting skills. Like a sci-fi or action picture.” (VIBE)

Outside of movie discussions, Birdman recently opened up on his music roster’s selling ability.

“We do music for people who appreciate it,” Birdman said in an interview when asked about the perception of Lil Wayne falling off. “That’s all we can do. Keep working hard, keep grinding. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but we do what we do. We sell millions of records. Ain’t nobody ever put up the numbers we put up. That’s one to a million. That don’t really matter matter.” (Complex)

Check out a recent Birdman interview below:

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