Birdman Flies Away From Forbes Dispute, “I Respect It But Let’s Just Get That Sh*t Right”

Birdman Flies Away From Forbes Dispute, “I Respect It But Let’s Just Get That Sh*t Right”

Cash Money Records’ Birdman opens up about his issues with Forbes’ projecting his net worth at $100 million and why the renowned financial publication should do some recalculating in the new XXL Magazine.

Asked about being ranked beneath rap stars like 50 Cent and Diddy, Birdman argued his wealth.

“They wildin’. I think I should be worth more to them, if they look at the brand and the years,” Birdman aka Baby explains. “I mean, if they predict me as a hundred, I’ve been doing this 22 years and you averaging me with, what, $4 million a year, $5 million a year?… I ain’t trippin’. I don’t care about being on Forbes. That don’t make or break me at all…Ain’t no diss to it. I respect it, but let’s just get that sh*t right.” (XXL Mag)

Despite being credited with wealth projected at $100 million, Baby recently said he easily banks in more money.

“I don’t know how they tally up,” Baby said in an interview with Uptown Angela referring to Forbes‘ list.”To my knowledge I thought it was down. They said I made a $100 million dollars. I don’t know where they get that sh*t from. I’m banking in more than a $100 million. That’s a low number for a n*gga like me. But it’s cool. For anybody to recognize anything is respected. We know what to do. The goal in our life and my life is to be a billionaire. I’m flipping hundreds. I ain’t that far. I’m about eight steps.” (Urban Radio NO)

In addition to Baby, Jay-Z and Diddy also made the Forbes list.

When it comes to net worth, Jay-Z is number two. The top spot goes to Sean “Diddy” Combs, who tops our accounting of rap’s richest with a fortune of $475 million, fueled by his interests in Sean John clothing, Bad Boy Worldwide record label and, most significantly, his Diageo joint-venture vodka brand Ciroc. Jay-Z ranks a close second, with $450 million. Super producer/rapperDr. Dre ranks third with $125 million, fueled by past earnings generated from his own career and by helping to launch those of Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, a one-time Dr. Dre protege who reaped a nine-figure payday from the sale of Vitamin Water to Coca-Cola, rounds out the top five in a tie with Cash Money Records cofounder Bryan “Birdman” Williams at $100 million. (Forbes)

Last month, Baby bet $2 million on the Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals.

“YMCMBu$iness I Bet. 2million on tha MiaMi Heat.goin bye me another muthafkin WHip.we tha BusiNESS.I’m on 1.mula krazy,” Baby tweeted Wednesday (June 1). (Baby’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Baby footage below:

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