Birdman: Belee Dat Or Not (Happy Birthday!)

Birdman: Belee Dat Or Not (Happy Birthday!)

Bryan “Baby” Williams. Half Bird. Half Man. Half-a-billi in the bank. Belee dat … or not. Today we honor The #1 Stunna as he celebrates his 43rd birthday by presenting a game that separates the man from the legend. Birdman: Belee Dat Or Not will once and for all set the record straight on what events on truth versus pure mythology.

It’s pretty simple, actually: 3 of the 5 items listed below are absolutely factual and two are not. Your job is to read each scenario and determine if each story really happened to that boy (insert bird whistle here). 

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1. Birdman Signed Christina Milian

Birdman 1

Richa than the richest, Birdman continues his music takeover. By 2020 1 in 5 artists will be signed to the YMCMB imprint, as Busta Rhymes, Mystikal and now Christina Milian have all recently been added to the roster. Is the hood checkin’ for Christina Milian? They’d better be. Belee dat.

2. Birdman Once Spit The Following Line:

Birdman 2

Watch one of a kind, anotha’ one on my mind/Phone bill 4 grand got your ho in da line/In da hood ho n*ggas act funny/Only real n*ggas really get to touch cash money. - Birdman

His Lyrics Decoded: My watch, although valuable and quite rare, bores me; it may be time to purchase another. Your significant other and I speak often and my current phone bill reflects this. The inner city tends to breed untrustworthy men, and thus, I only associate and conduct business with those of good repute.

3. Birdman Once Spit The Following Line:

Birdman 3

Everyday I ball like a n-gga in his drawls/Rub my hands together make a hot girl pause/Whoa daddy, you aint stuntin like me/Paddy cake, Paddy cake. My wallet cost a G. - Birdman

His Lyrics Decoded: I have so much money, some mistake me for a man with very little clothing. When women see me perform my signature hand gesture, they stop and take notice. Surely, other men notice they lack my financial fortitude, for even my coin purse, typically a cheap item, is high end.

4. They Shootin': Birdman Was Arrested For Busting Shots At A Party

Birdman 4

It ain’t no fun unless the Birdman throws cash-money in the air and fire up the shotty. Turns out your favorite number one stunner got a little trigger happy back in the day and decided to let loose a bullet-bullet. No need to worry though, the Bust it baby didn’t turn into a crybaby, as the charges were eventually dropped.

5. Run That New Yack City Back

Birdman 5

What do you get when you combine New York City and Rack City? New Yack City! Believe it folks, Birdman is taking his talent to Hollywood by putting together a new flick based on the 1990’s classic. And who better to star in it than the Cash Money family with Bow Wow (remember his New Jack City album?), Drake as Ice-T and even Lil Wayne busts his chops as the head of the carter (fitting, right?), Nino Brown. Sad part? This’ll likely be a straight to DVD.

From all of us at SOHH, Happy Birthday, Birdman!

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