Birdman Addresses Drake & Common Beef, “We Ride Or Die” [Video]

Birdman Addresses Drake & Common Beef, “We Ride Or Die” [Video]

Cash Money Records CEO Birdman has stepped up to discuss the current beef brewing between Young Money’s Drake and rap veteran Common and said there will be no diss records from his team.

While Birdman downplayed the artists’ feud, he did say Cash Money is fully behind Drizzy.

“Drake the homie so we ride or die. Ain’t no second questions about that, but we never been a brand to make records and want to make money off of making records of other people that’s not what we about,” Birdman told radio host Big Boy. “So to me, however the young homie deal with it we behind him, we supporting him 100 percent with our life so that’s just what it is. Ain’t no other way. Drake the lil’ homie that’s blood, that’s family, and ain’t no siding with that. It’s Drake or nothing.” (Power 106)

Yesterday, Common dropped a “Stay Schemin'” remix going at Drake.

Now, Common has responded on “Stay Schemin (Remix)” and the cover art below (Stay Schemin: Rick Ross Common French Montana & That H*e A** Nigg%) also has a message for Drake. “My motto is Chicago b*tch, everybody know you’re sweet, what the problem is? / Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged this,” “The rapper of the moment, the style he don’t own it / Acting all hard when he hardly like that / You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that / Don’t do it, ’cause every song you make Joe is really h*e music.” (RapFix)

On the original record, websites speculated the Canadian-bred emcee was going at Common.

Rick Ross pulls out the Maybach and cruises through his Miami hometown at night in the video for “Stay Schemin’,” a cut off his new mixtape Rich Forever. Drizzy comes along for the ride, spitting a fiery verse that will raise eyebrows. “It bothers me when the gods get to acting like the broads/ Guess every team doesn’t come complete with ni**as like ours,” he raps in the wake of his beef with Common. In addition, Bad Boy’s newest signee French Montana raises his profile with an appearance on The Beat Bully production. (Rap-Up)

In December, the Canadian-bred rapper reportedly took aim at Common, comparing his ability to sell records against the Chi-town emcee.

Since Drake is “not a p*ssy” he figured he’d go ahead and respond, kinda. Just in case you can’t read it, Drake subtweeted Common by saying “Platinum. Now THAT’s Sweet!” Of course he’s referring the song name and bragging on how many records he’s sold in comparison to Common. Fair right? But then for some reason, Drake elected to take down the tweet. But that didn’t stop the rest of Twitter from weighing in on this supposed “beef” between two of the most non-threatening rappers the world has ever seen. (Loop 21)

Check out Birdman’s interview below:

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