Bill O’Reilly Takes On Jay-Z & Young Jeezy For Obama-Inspired Performance, “Jay-Z Should Know Better”

Bill O’Reilly Takes On Jay-Z & Young Jeezy For Obama-Inspired Performance, “Jay-Z Should Know Better”

Controversial television host Bill O’Reilly recently criticized Jay-Z and Young Jeezy on his “O’Reilly Factor” show for their pro-Barack Obama performance of “My President Is Black” in Washington, DC.

O’reilly first played a segment of what the duo said at a local nightclub Monday (January 19) night.

“I wanna thank two people,” Jeezy told the crowd. “I wanna thank the motherf*ckers overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush. And I want to thank — the motherf*ckers who helped them move their sh*t up out of the White House. Keep it moving b*tch because my president is motherf*cking black.”

“I never thought I’d say this sh*t, but baby I’m good,” Jay began to rap. “You can keep your p*ssy. I don’t want no more Bush. No more war, no more Iraq. No more white lies, my president is black.” (Please Don’t Stare)

The host and comedian Dennis Miller then proceeded to analyze the segmented clip.

“Now Jay-Z should know better,” O’Reilly said. “I don’t know much about Young Jeezy, it is possible he will appear on “The Factor” soon.

“I don’t give a flying bleep what these two guys think,” Miller said. “I thought it was a beautiful day yesterday. If they couldn’t ratchet down the hate for a day, then that’s their problem not mine. And by the way, you’re looking at an obsolete model there because if the dinosaurs were done in by the asteroids, role models in the black community like that are about to be done in by a shooting star named Barack Obama.”

Jeezy recently justified the song and his emotions behind the record.

“Music is how you feel,” Jeezy said about being inspired to write “My President.” “But if I can say one word, I’ll say ‘necessary.’ I felt it was necessary. I never ever paid attention to any election. Not really [into] politics or anything like that. It never benefited us. This time around, it’s not a black-or-white thing — you got somebody in there for us that’s well-spoken and gonna handle their business. I just wanted to do my part and let them know we need change, we need help, it’s rough out there.” (MTV)

O’Reilly is reportedly responsible for Ludacris being dropped by Pepsi around August 2002.

The key factor for Pepsi in deciding which pop stars are appropriate pop pitchmen and women is now, apparently, ”The O’Reilly Factor.” A day after Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly blasted the soda bottler for using ads featuring Ludacris, Pepsi has yanked the ads, citing consumer complaints over the rapper’s profane and violent lyrics. (Entertainment Weekly)

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