Bill O’Reilly Takes On Jamie Foxx, “He’s A Pinhead” [Video]

Bill O’Reilly Takes On Jamie Foxx, “He’s A Pinhead” [Video]

Controversial television host Bill O’Reilly has attacked Jamie Foxx for the comedians recent controversial comments about teen singer Miley Cyrus.

 Standing up for the young singer, O’Reilly gave the Academy Award winner his popular label, “pinhead.”

“Miley Cyrus is 16 years-old,” O’Reilly explained. “Mr. Foxx should know better than to do something like that with his clown posse. So he’s a pinhead and needs to wise up fast. 16 years-old, okay?” (The O’Reilly Factor)

Foxx made headlines earlier this week after controversial statements regarding the singer’s body and suggested drug use began to spread.

After discussing her diss of Radiohead, Foxx and his pals in the studio are heard criticizing Cyrus’ physical appearance (her gums, in particular) and making other unkind comments directed at her, including suggestions that she should “make a sex tape and grow up,” do heroin, smoke crack and catch a sexually transmitted disease from a bicycle seat. (Los Angeles Times)

O’Reilly recently lashed out against Eminem for his spoof-based music video “We Made You,” targeting a range of celebrities including Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” O’Reilly declared. “He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot. His attack on Sarah Palin, which is very crude, seems to be okay with the media…He’s just a, I’m not even gonna do that…It’s so crude what he does, kids see it, not adults. Nobody over 25 goes into this stuff…Eminem is obviously on an obscene rant about Sarah Palin, totally obscene, totally inappropriate, nothing good about it.” (World Star Hip Hop)

O’Reilly and comedian Dennis Miller previously took on Jay-Z and Young Jeezy for their pro-Barack Obama performance of “My President Is Black” on Inauguration Night 2008.

“I don’t give a flying bleep what these two guys think,” Miller said. “I thought it was a beautiful day yesterday. If they couldn’t ratchet down the hate for a day, then that’s their problem not mine. And by the way, you’re looking at an obsolete model there because if the dinosaurs were done in by the asteroids, role models in the black community like that are about to be done in by a shooting star named Barack Obama.” (SOHH)

Check out Bill O’Reilly’s words to Jamie Foxx below:

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