Bill O’Reilly On Eminem’s No-Profanity House Rule, “Come On” [Video]

Bill O’Reilly On Eminem’s No-Profanity House Rule, “Come On” [Video]

Controversial television host Bill O’Reilly has shared his reaction to Eminem recently revealing his decision to not allow profanity in his home.

Speaking on his nightly broadcast earlier this week, O’Reilly pointed out the faults in Em’s cursing restriction.

“Check three. Controversial rapper Eminem interviewed on ’60 Minutes’ last night as you may know he has made millions of dollars putting out stuff like this,” O’Reilly said on his broadcast before playing a portion of Em’s “Forever” verse. “But Eminem says he is different in private because he is raising three young girls. That does not add up. You sell a product aimed at young people and then you ban that product in your own home. Come on.” (Fox News)

On Em’s “60 Minutes” special, he explains why profanity is not allowed within his household.

“Profanity around my house? No,” he tells Anderson Cooper in a ’60 Minutes’ interview, airing Sunday. “I’m not saying there’s not glimpses of me in the music, [that] there’s not truth in … things that I say. But this is music, this is my art…” When he’s at home, the 38-year-old father-of-four (real name: Marshall Mathers) says: “I’m a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person … walking around my house [saying], ‘B*tch, pick this up,’ you know what I mean? … I don’t cuss.” (Us Magazine)

In 2009, O’Reilly called out Em for his portrayal of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in the “We Made You” music video.

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” O’Reilly declared on his show. “He represents the lowest form ofentertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot. His attack on Sarah Palin, which is very crude, seems to be okay with the media…He’s just a, I’m not even gonna do that…It’s so crude what he does, kids see it, not adults. Nobody over 25 goes into this stuff…Eminem is obviously on an obscene rant about Sarah Palin, totally obscene, totally inappropriate, nothing good about it. Not a word from Media Matters, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, any of the big media, nothing.” (“The O’Reilly Factor”)

When later asked about his opinion of O’Reilly, Em said the host’s comments were humorous.

“[Bill O’Reilly], that guy’s funny. He’s f*cking hilarious. When I seen the thing, whatever the f*ck it was, when I was surfin’ the Internet which I do so much, I seen it and was like eh, you know. I guess that’s what he does in his world. It is what it is.” (Shade 45)

Check out Bill O’Reilly speaking on Eminem below:

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