Big Sean Won’t Apologize For Telling Naya Rivera “Sorry”

Big Sean Won’t Apologize For Telling Naya Rivera “Sorry”

G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean recently talked about assisting overnight celebrity girlfriend Naya Rivera with the release of their new joint “Sorry” track and why he has high hopes she can make it big in the record industry.

Rather than stay mum on his involvement, Sean gushed over hooking up with the “Glee” hottie over a microphone.

“It’s a fresh song, right? It’s like a ladies’ anthem,” Sean said in an interview. “She’s like a great musician. Obviously, everybody knows she can sing real good, so I really don’t know anything too much about singing like that. I just know what I know about music and what she knows about music and when we combine them we help each other out, so it’s cool.” (MTV)

Rivera also spoke on linking with the Detroit spitter to get her “Sorry” anthem out.

Well, he knew enough about “singing like that” for Rivera to ask him for some advice while making the track. “A lot of influence. He’s been doing this a lot longer than I have professionally, so his advice is priceless,” she said. “I’ll play him stuff and he’ll give me little tweaks. He gave me tweaks on ‘Sorry.’ ” The song is pretty feisty, with Rivera announcing to the world — and Sean’s ex-girlfriends — that she’s the woman in his life now. Oh, and by the way, she’s actually not sorry about it at all. “Well when I went on hiatus, I just got in the room with some of my friends that are really good producers and we just sat and listened to tracks and started writing songs. This sort of organically came up and it was something I wanted to talk about.” (MTV)

The “Glee” star and G.O.O.D Music protégé premiered the catchy track through Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio station over the weekend.

Naya Rivera isn’t kidding! The Glee star – who plays Santana Lopez in the hit Fox series – is pursuing a music career for real. Although the 26-year-old girl from Valencia, California – who is part of the Columbia Records roster (she signed her deal some time ago) – is still working in the studio on that debut album of hers, Naya is already treating us with the first official single of said project. Listen now above to “Sorry”, featuring Naya’s boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, which was world premiered on L.A’s Power 106 on August 9. Not bad! The beat is infectious, and “Sorry” is giving me both early 2000s R&B song and, Cassie tease. Intelligent move to ask Big Sean to guest on “Sorry”, by the way! It gives the song major exposure from the very beginning. Naya’s first single sounds like something both pop and urban radios will be willing to play. I’m excited! I’ll keep an eye on this girl. (Direct Lyrics)

Their song’s 30-second teaser started making its rounds in early August.

In between promoting his upcoming album Hall of Fame, Big Sean lends a hand to his girlfriend Naya Rivera. The “Glee” star launches her music career with her first single “Sorry.” The funky record features a digitized hook, while the full version boasts a verse from the Detroit player himself. “It’s been a long time coming and I’m so happy to share my music with you all,” tweeted Naya. (Rap-Up)

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Check out “Sorry”:

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