Big Sean Wants To Pass, Pass, Pass Jay-Z & Kanye West, “If I Don’t, What The H*ll Am I Doing?”

Big Sean Wants To Pass, Pass, Pass Jay-Z & Kanye West, “If I Don’t, What The H*ll Am I Doing?”

G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean recently talked about his status in the rap game and why it is vital to reach for heights greater than where rap moguls like Jay-Z and Kanye West have gone in hip-hop.

Having already clocked in time with music legends, Sean said he is determined to push hip-hop’s boundaries.

“He actually told me that I was going to be the best. But I took that as the potential, because he speaks with so much passion,” Big Sean said in an interview. “What he meant was, I’m his protégé, he took me under his wing. I’m in the studio hanging with him and Jay-Z, I’m in the studio with Nas, I’m in the studio with everybody, and it’s like, if I don’t take it past where they took it, then what the hell am I doin’?” (MTV)

Last fall, Sean said Ye previously proclaimed his future outlook alongside rap mogul Jay-Z.

“I think he wants the best, just somebody that he thinks has the potential to be bigger and better than him, his protégé or whatever,” Sean told Peter Bailey. “I remember we were standing next to Jay-Z and he was like you’re gonna be the best rapper, talking to me. And Jay was looking like, ‘Yeah, whatever.'” (NBC Nitecap)

In June 2011, Yeezy appeared at Sean’s Finally Famous debut album listening session and proclaimed the rapper’s greatness.

“Big Sean’s story is one of the most amazing ever because he literally got signed off of a freestyle, to now…having the potential to be one of the biggest artists in the world,” Ye said. “What Beyonce is to R&B…Big Sean can be to rap.” (YouTube)

Following the huge co-sign, the rapper gracefully accepted his mentor’s accolades.

“You know, I am gonna be that. I’m gonna take it there. I’m not gonna make ‘Ye eat his words or anything,” he says. “I appreciate him being so outspoken and for believing in me so much. It gives me my own confidence.” (VIBE)

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