Big Sean To Lil Kim, “Hop On A Track W/ Another Big”

Big Sean To Lil Kim, “Hop On A Track W/ Another Big”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean has opened up about his admiration toward rap veteran Lil’ Kim and why her recent co-sign has inspired him even more.

In addition to being in awe over her co-sign, Sean said Kim should seriously consider a collaboration.

“That’s a legend right there. She’s one of the greatest rappers of all time, straight up. Somebody told me that she said that, but that’s my first time actually hearing her really say that. It’s an honor. That just really goes to show me I’m just doing something right, through all the hate. Through all the people telling me, ‘Man, you’ll never do whatever, whatever, man,’ stuff like that keeps me going…Lil’ Kim’s a real G, man…She need to come holla at me. Hop on a track with another Big.” (MTV)

Earlier this month, Sean revealed his initial shock at learning of Kim’s interest in his bars.

“Word? D*mn, she said that? Sh*t. That’s crazy. Nobody ever told me that,” Sean said in an interview. “She’s definitely a legend in my eyes. I came up on the Bad Boy era with Biggie and Ma$e and her. I would definitely love to work with her and she’s the sh*t, man. That’s crazy. I’m speechless, for real…I’m really listening to a lot of older stuff too like Notorious B.I.G., that whole Bad Boy sh*t and ‘Pac…That’s so f*cking dope, that Lil’ Kim sh*t. You’ve got to get me her contact so I can call her.” (Rap-Up)

Around mid-February, Kim named Sean as one of the artists currently on her radar.

“I almost listen to everyone’s music. I’m really loving Wiz Khalifa. I like him a lot. I think he’s a dope artist. And also another up-and-coming artist, his name is Big Sean. I think he’s hot. There’s a lot of pop artists I love. I love rock ‘n’ roll music. I love all types of music. Usher, I’m loving him again. Not to say I stopped loving him, but at one point I didn’t understand the direction his music was going in, but I am in love with everything he’s doing now.” (Rap-Up)

Outside of co-signs, Sean recently discussed his upcoming Finally Famous debut set to drop on May 3rd.

“The title as of now is gonna be called Finally Famous,” Sean said in an interview. “I may at the last minute add a subtitle to it because that’s also the name of my mixtape series I did. That’s something I really wanna brand as a lifestyle because that’s what I believe in. When you’re famous you’re recognized for doing something, and I always put finally in front of it because I feel like this sh*t’s what we’ve been grinding and working for all these years, and that can relate to anybody. As far as production majority of it was done by No I.D. which I feel is not even fair because he’s just so d*mn good and he’s such an O.G. and he’s seen music come full circle. He really has a great perspective on music and is definitely one of my mentors.” (XXL Mag)

Check out a recent Big Sean interview down below:

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