Big Sean Takes The-Dream To The Ghetto, “1977” Tracklisting Unveiled

Big Sean Takes The-Dream To The Ghetto, “1977” Tracklisting Unveiled

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean is one of only two guests set to appear on the upcoming free 1977 online-only release by R&B singer The-Dream geared to drop next week.

Based on the project’s tracklisting, there will be a total of 11 records.

1. “Wake Me When It’s Over” 2. “Used to Be” 3. “Long Gone” 4. “Ghetto” feat. Big Sean 5. “Wedding Crasher” 6. “Rolex” feat. Casha 7. “Silly” Introducing Casha 8. “1977 (Miss You Still)” 9. “Wish You Were Mine” 10. “Real” 11. “Form of Flattery” (1977)

Earlier this month, Dream said he felt his growth as a producer will shine on the upcoming release.

“‘Love King’ was rushed and the label was in transition. I was the only one that was stupid enough to put out an album while in transition. A ‘Rookie Mistake.’ But it helped me a lot in reassuring to me that it takes a team to win. I’ve grown more and I’m producing outside of myself more and that’s really a joy. I’m really happy about my production growth in being able to have the patience to completely take a record from A-Z.” (Hip Hop N More)

The singer also explained his uneasiness to depend heavily on guest features.

“While I’m humble enough to ask for features it’s really hard to get them,” Dream added. “It’s hard today to protect what you already have so some artists I see could fit perfectly on a record and change things. There is a fear that artists who are not song-writers face. And that fear is failure. And I completely understand but I have to at least ask. The people who end up usually on records that I’ve written or performed are more likely the ones without fear. I think it’s my duty to push. But not everyone thinks so.” (Hip Hop N More)

Dream revealed his plans to put out a free project a few weeks ago.

“LP4 is Underway I THE-DREAM have decided to go forward with “Diary Of A Madman” LP it almost didnt happen. So ill be in my DefJam uniform…,” he tweeted August 1st.

“for atleast one More Season! Also a free 10 song Internet album will be released by Aug 31st. LP 4 because of the Contract negotiations…..”

“does not have a date but it will be released 4th quarter but i will give a 10 song Internet LP while you guys wait!!!! LOVE YOU.”

“The Internet LP is entitled ‘1977’ and will be released under my real name Terius Nash not The-Dream. Shooting Videos for 1977 all this week”

“The “TERIUS NASH EST. 1977″ is very personal and to my Fans!” (The-Dream’s Twitter)

1977 is slated to drop Wednesday, August 31st.

Check out some past The-Dream footage down below:

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