Big Sean On Finding Out Jay-Z’s In His ‘Clique': “I Was Like, ‘D*mn, I Wish I Ain’t Have To Do My Verse First”

Big Sean On Finding Out Jay-Z’s In His ‘Clique': “I Was Like, ‘D*mn, I Wish I Ain’t Have To Do My Verse First”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean recently talked about sharing microphone time on the new “Clique” record with Kanye West and Jay-Z and how special the experience was.

Big Sean revealed his surprised reaction to learning Young Hov would contribute to the track and his initial regret about rhyming first.

Then I get a call a little bit later after that, and somebody told me that Hov is on the record and I was like, ‘d*mn,’ ” he continued. “They were like Hov and ‘Ye hopped on it, so I’m thinking, ‘Ah, they’re probably gonna take my verse off even though I laced it’ — you know, the Throne, Kanye and Jay … but then I get the call like, ‘Nah, it’s you, Kanye and Jay-Z.'” Big Sean has worked closely with Kanye West for some time now, and his debut album included collaborations with everyone from Rick Ross to Chris Brown, but this was something extra special. “I remember the first thing I thought was, ‘D*mn, I’m excited as h*ll,” and then I was like, ‘D*mn, I wish I ain’t have to do my verse first,” he added, laughing. “But I think it’s well-represented and it’s on the G.O.O.D. Music album and it’s on my next album too.” (MTV)

He also stressed how big of an achievement snagging Ye and Jay on the track was.

“It was an honor to be on that song with those dudes,” Sean said, recalling another memorable moment that took place last weekend in Philadelphia. “When we [were] walking off the stage at Made in America in Philly, and we were walking to the dressing room, Kanye was like, ‘Man, I’m glad you rapped for me at that radio station,’ and I said, ‘Sh– man, me too.’ ” The 24-year-old was referencing his 2005 encounter with West outside of a Detroit radio station that eventually led to his record deal. (MTV)

The new G.O.O.D. Music anthem premiered online earlier this week.

Kanye West isn’t always the easiest guy to like. He’s cocky. He was mean to Taylor Swift. He likes Kim Kardashian without being ironic. And yet the man mints gold. It’s like he’s incapable of making bad music. Even 808?s and Heartbreak, which wasn’t that good, was pretty damn good. His new single, “Clique,” featuring guest appearances by Big Sean and new BFF Jay-Z, is no exception. Its off-kilter beat is fresh and invigorating, and West’s inventive lyrics are among his most clever: “You know white people / get money don’t spend it … I’d rather buy chains and go ign’ant.” I won’t wax academic and call that poetry, but come on, it’s funny. It’s funny, and more importantly, it’s smart, because it’s self-aware and self-deprecating and comically accurate. (Entertainment Weekly)

Last fall, Sean said Ye previously proclaimed his future outlook alongside Jigga.

“I think he wants the best, just somebody that he thinks has the potential to be bigger and better than him, his protégé or whatever,” Sean told Peter Bailey. “I remember we were standing next to Jay-Z and he was like you’re gonna be the best rapper, talking to me. And Jay was looking like, ‘Yeah, whatever.'” (NBC Nitecap)

Check out “Clique” below:

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