Big Sean Keeps High Hopes For Slim Shady [Video]

Big Sean Keeps High Hopes For Slim Shady [Video]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean recently updated fans on the status of his forthcoming Hall of Fame sophomore album and revealed if his dream collaborator Eminem has finally made the cut.

According to Sean, a rumored joint effort with R&B singer Miguel and Eminem is not yet in the books.

“The album’s really good, it’s really heartfelt, I feel like the [Detroit] mixtape set the tone and the album is going to take it to the top. … Miguel’s on the album, for sure, it’s a lot of good people on the album,” Sean promised in an interview. “I can’t say Eminem’s on there. He’s not on there right now, as of now.” (DDS)

He also dug deeper into the overall meaning and theme of the upcoming release.

“I feel like I’m coming from a different perspective on this album. I used to want to be popular and known and famous and now I’m coming from a perspective of wanting to teach people, wanting to be a role model, wanting to show people I come from the same sh*t you come from. Literally. I’m from a city where it’s sh*t; murder, all that. I rose above and I want to be a positive role model. … Hall of Fame is on the way, you guys are going to love it, I promise you. If you love that classic rap.” (DDS)

Back in November, Sean spilled the beans on Marshall Mathers reaching out to him.

“Em didn’t come to the [‘Guap’ music] video. Em didn’t come but let me tell you something man,” Sean said in an interview with radio personality Tim Westwood. “Em reached out to me and was like, ‘Come to the studio. Come hang out when you get a chance. We gonna make that happen, man. That’s the legend right there.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

A couple years ago, the Detroit rapper revealed his past interest in initially signing with Shady Records.

“Before I met Kanye, I did a rap battle, I used to battle rap,” Sean explained in an interview. “I was real popular. That’s how I got a good relationship with this radio station that I met Kanye at, but anyway, they were doing this rap battle to where this prize was $10,000 and a single deal from like Shady Music, Eminem and all them. So DJ Whoo Kid came and everybody judged and I snuck in. I wasn’t even old enough to participate in it, but I lied about my age. I got all the way to the final round and lost to some dude. But I really thought I won but the crowd was more on his side. So I lost but DJ Whoo Kid and them were like, ‘We gonna keep in contact and we’re gonna do this and this.’ Obviously they didn’t but then after I got on with Kanye, I met Whoo Kid again and you know, it was all good and Whoo Kid was like, ‘Man, I remember that battle! I was trying to hook it up.’ And I’m like, ‘All right Whoo Kid.’ But you know, Whoo Kid is my homie for life so it’s all good but yeah, that actually did happen once. I tried to hook up with Shady [Records] but G.O.O.D. Music was the perfect fit. I couldn’t be happier.” (Deal With No Deal)

Check out Big Sean’s interview:

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