Big Sean Justifies Nas & Shyne’s Label Disputes, “Honestly, Def Jam Does Make A Lot Of Mistakes”

Big Sean Justifies Nas & Shyne’s Label Disputes, “Honestly, Def Jam Does Make A Lot Of Mistakes”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean has shared his opinion of Def Jam labelmates Nas and Shyne publicly airing out their issues with the renowned record company.

Speaking with radio host Angela Yee, Sean also detailed how determined Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid was about hit records.

“Well, my experiences with L.A. Reid, I’ve had tons of meeting with him recently, and even in my meetings he said ‘Man I’m a guy that’s into hits man, pop,’ you know he says that. He’s straight up, I’m into hits I’m into that money. I’m into these f*cking hit songs so no, I don’t think L.A. Reid understands hip-hop in the same way that Nas understands it or Shyne or whoever or Kanye. He understands that muthaf*ckin money, he understands what a hit is, so you gotta respect him on that. He’s responsible for a lot of big acts. But honestly Def Jam does make a lot of mistakes and I’m signed to Def Jam and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. I’m happy to be on Def Jam.” (Team Yee)

Nas issued an open letter last week discussing his frustrations with Def Jam.

“I won’t even tap dance around in an email, I will get right into it. People connect to the artist @ the end of the day, they don’t connect with the executives. Honestly, nobody even cares what label puts out a great record, they care about who recorded it. Yet time and time again its the executives who always stand in the way of a creative artist’s dream and aspirations. You don’t help draw the truth from my deepest and most inner soul, you don’t even do a great job @ selling it. The #1 problem with DEF JAM is pretty simple and obvious, the executives think they are the stars. You aren’t…. not even close. As a matter of fact, you wish you were, but it didn’t work out so you took a desk job. To the consumer, I COME FIRST. Stop trying to deprive them! I have a fan base that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn’t understand RAP. Pretty f*cked up situation.” (Karen Civil)

Shyne recently talked with SOHH about his reaction to Nas’ letter.

“It’s crazy because I got a letter out too,” Shyne told SOHH. “And that’s on It’s on a blog journal I’m doing for them. It’s crazy. I wrote my letter about a week or two ago so when I heard [about Nas’ e-mail], the last person I spoke to told me about it. I definitely support his position and that’s what happened to hip-hop. That’s what happened to music but definitely hip-hop. You got a bunch of executives that don’t know nothing about music and they got their job by tying somebody’s shoe laces, folding their pants for them and don’t know anything about music. And unfortunately and especially with Def Jam, you got a leader of the record company that if he could have one wish, he would wish that hip-hop didn’t exist. That’s what I feel.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Sean talked about his forthcoming Def Jam debut, Finally Famous.

“I’m calling it Finally Famous not just because a nigga got on, it’s more like, when you’re famous, you’re recognized for doing something great. I put “finally” in front of it just to symbolize what we’ve been working so hard for. It’s kind of like a lifestyle, because that can relate to everybody. People in college, if you’re getting recognized for getting good grades, you’re finally famous. If you get recognized for playing the drums, if you’re being recognized for making good ass beats, good ass raps, good ass interviews like this one, you’re finally famous. I think it’s something that’s very relatable and easy. I just love it.” (Complex)

Check out some recent Big Sean footage below:

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