Big Sean Gets X-Rated? “If It Didn’t Do Good, I Was Just Going To Drop A Sex Tape”

Big Sean Gets X-Rated? “If It Didn’t Do Good, I Was Just Going To Drop A Sex Tape”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean may be following in the footsteps of mentor Kanye West, revealing how close he came to potentially dropping a sex tape based on his latest mixtape’s performance.

Sean jokingly said if all things turned sour with Detroit, a sex tape may have been a strong back-up.

Making an appearance at Temple University’s Homecoming, rapper Big Sean stopped by Philly’s Hot 107.9 to talk about the recent release of his new mixtape, Detroit. Prepping for his second studio album, Hall Of Fame, the G.O.O.D. Music star claims he doesn’t care about meeting other people’s expectations when it comes to his music, but joked that he would’ve taken X-rated measures to promote himself if his mixtape hadn’t performed well. Thankfully, it did. “If it didn’t do good, which it did, I was just going to drop a sex tape. Because sex tapes are the new mixtapes,” explained the rising hip hop celeb. The performer also debunked rumors that he had a sex tape with Nicki Minaj. (BET)

Last month, Kanye West’s stolen sex tape heated up music and gossip blogs.

Canada-based porn company has just increased their offer for Kanye West’s highly sought-after sex tape to $5 million. This comes after earlier reports that the Chicago rapper possibly has two X-rated home videos on the market. The official statement from states, “By purchasing both tapes, will bolster a Celebrity section like no other free, adult entertainment website. Upon purchase, will exclusively host both videos for free in the Celebrity section and then begin packaging the sex-tapes together for a DVD release.” (XXL Mag)

West allegedly used his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s leaked tape as steamy motivation in the past.

Before Kanye West was nailin’ Kim Kardashian … he used to nail other chicks while watching Ray J nail Kim Kardashian. Multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation tell us … Kanye used the Kim K sex tape in the bedroom to get him in the mood … and it always worked. As we previously reported, Kanye has had a thing for Kim dating back several years … and even tried to get her to break up with Reggie Bush in 2009 so they could get together. We know he loves the sex tape … he even raps about it on his upcoming album. Now, Kanye doesn’t need the sex tape anymore … he has the real thing … and once again, Ray J becomes irrelevant. (TMZ)

Last year, The LOX’s Sheek Louch spoke on the growing popularty of x-rated celebrity videos.

“[‘Picture Phone Foreplay’], that’s for the chicks that’s sending me them pictures,” Sheek said in an interview. “Word. That’s for them. They go hard on that camera phone…Nah, I’m not with it. Especially right now with how sh*t is, you send it to her and she puts it on all these sites and all that sh*t. I don’t think that’s cool. I don’t do that. Keep your sh*t to yourself until you’re with that girl. That’s it. Sextapes and all that sh*t is not healthy right now!” (Hip Hop Game)

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