Big Sean Credits Kanye West For Blowing Up His Gold Game, “I Feel Like I’m A F*cking Pharaoh”

Big Sean Credits Kanye West For Blowing Up His Gold Game, “I Feel Like I’m A F*cking Pharaoh”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean recently talked about his relationship alongside Kanye West and how the Grammy-winning rapper not only inspired his music but the amount of gold he rocks.

Sean credits Yeezy for putting him up on tons of jewelery accessories.

“One thing Kanye has introduced me into is stuff like Balmain and gold accessories,” Sean revealed in an interview. “That’s one thing he really turned me onto. Like, dope a** gold accessories. It wasn’t until I was around him to where I was like, “D*mn, I really want a Rolex.” Or gold a** bracelets that’s fresh as h*ll. So he turned me on to gold jewelry heavy. Now, I feel like gold jewelry is necessary because I feel like I’m a f*cking Pharaoh. You gotta rock gold if you’re a f*cking Pharaoh man.” (Complex)

Last month, rap veteran Nas said he inspired West to delve into huge gold accessories.

“I never finished it, Jacob [the Jeweler] went to jail,” Nas said referring to a medallion. “He went to jail and ain’t get the chance to finish it. I took it out early. Kanye [West] called me like, ‘You told me to step my chain game up.’ I said, ‘You right, you right.’ That n*gga came out with the overkill. I said, ‘Yeah, n*gga, kill ‘em.’ My n*gga Ye gettin’ ‘em with the chain, boy! Egyptian. Original black man.” (L-R-G)

West visited New York City’s Times Square King Tut exhibit last summer sporting a huge gold medallion.

“He said it was something he really wanted to see,” exhibition rep Alison Buchbinder told MTV News about West’s visit. ‘Ye was snapped checking out artifacts like the gilded coffins of Egyptian pharaohs. Buchbinder said West dropped by on June 29, which would have been two days after the Chicago MC spit his latest single “Power” atop a mountain at the BET Awards. West showed up to the museum rocking a mammoth gold chain — the same bling he sported during his awards show performance — that features a sculptural representation of the Egyptian god Horus. (MTV)

On the rapper’s blog, he posted up details regarding his Horus chain and pyramid ring he wore at last year’s BET Awards show.

Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. Horus served many functions in the Egyptian pantheon, most notably being the god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection. (Kanye West’s Blog)

Check out some recent Big Sean footage below:

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