Big Sean Addresses Kendrick Lamar’s Controversial “Control” Lyrics [Video]

Big Sean Addresses Kendrick Lamar’s Controversial “Control” Lyrics [Video]

G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean has stepped forward to break down his new “Control” track and, specifically, the emotion collaborator Kendrick Lamar poured into it.

Blown away by Lamar’s bars, Sean noted the competitive nature of hip-hop being on full display with the previously unreleased Hall of Fame track.

“When I heard [Kendrick’s] verse I wasn’t about to go back and change my verse–that’s cheating,” Big Sean tells VIBE. “That ain’t the way of an O.G. That ain’t how G’s move. I wanted to [release the song] for the culture of hip-hop as opposed to myself. “It’s hip-hop. It’s a sport. It should get back to being competitive if that’s what people want to do. I ain’t no h*e a** n*gga like that to hear a verse like that and be like ‘I gotta go back and [rewrite] my sh*t, I gotta go protect myself.’ Nah, it is what it is. I’m a good a** rapper. I just want people to remember I had the song. I knew what it was. No, I didn’t change my verse because I’m not a h*e a** n*gga. I’m a real a** n*gga from Detroit. I rep for everything that I do. I knew what it was going to do for hip-hop. I knew what it was going to do for the culture. This is the most exciting rap song to drop this year this year. Period.” (VIBE)

On the track, Kendrick does not hold back his lyrical wrath with dicey lines sure to make everyone take notice.

Big Sean, 25, took to Twitter to release his latest single, “Control” to his over 4 million Twitter followers, which features 26-year-old rapper Kendrick Lamar. “I’m usually homeboys with the same n****s i’m rhymin wit/But this is hip hop and them n****s should know what time it is/And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller/I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you n****s/Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n****s.” He also has a verse that says: “I’m Machiavelli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York/King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them both.” (Hollywood Life)

Kendrick’s lyrics did not sit well with some New York rappers and motivated Fred the Godson to release a response track called “Say My Name.”

It’s only just beginning. First it was Joell Ortiz. Now, Fred The Godson sends some shots at Kendrick Lamar after his “Control” verse with “Say My Name.” The Bronx rapper kicks things off with a few lines about having the guns to go, and references Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” while also going back and forth about rappers from the East and West Coasts. (Complex)

Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz went as far as to drop a response track toward K-Dot.

“I ain’t even gotta give this too much thought,” Joell raps. “Joell Oritz won every war that he ever fought/This ain’t no different, I’m listening, you know the King of New York?/Lil’ homie, you ain’t the King of New York, you the next thing on my fork/The messenger with all those rings on that horse/Carrying kings heads until I kick you in your chest and you cough/And fall into a bottomless pit, homie, you know how many bodies that fit/When we met you said, ‘It’s an honor, man, the Yaowa can spit.’ Maybe that’s why you left me outta that sh*t/Maybe that’s why the Slaughterhouse ain’t get dissed/Or maybe I’m not on your radar, you feel you ain’t got to acknowledge my clique” (“Outta Conrol”)

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