Big Sean Addresses Game’s “Otis” Diss, Consequence’s Anti-G.O.O.D. Music Movement

Big Sean Addresses Game’s “Otis” Diss, Consequence’s Anti-G.O.O.D. Music Movement

G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean has stepped forward to set the record straight in light of recent jabs thrown at his boss, Kanye West, courtesy of former affiliate Consequence and West Coast rapper Game. 

While he views Cons’ verbal Ye attacks as a personal matter, Sean was quick to douse any ill will he may have been perceived to have toward Game’s new “Uncle Otis” diss track.

“Kanye, that situation with him and Consequence, that’s way personal,” Sean explained in an interview. “That’s not a random dude dissing. That was somebody who was part of the fam, was all in the fam together and then they had their problems..[Game’s ‘Otis’ diss?] I didn’t even take it as a diss. I took it as him doing what he do. Don’t he got an album that’s about to come out?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last week, Consequence took aim at G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T and Yeezy.

“So what you’ve ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat your flesh alive/Before EMS arrives and the wings of death decide / That it’s time to expire / Yeah, meaning it’s time to retire/ Because you’ll never get a trophy, playing for the Steelers / They steal n*ggas lines, steal n*ggas flows / 40 million in, still a n*gga owes — You keep f*ckin’ around but still don’t hit / And that’s why the motherf*cking Clipse got clipped — But still there’s no Malice in my heart / For these poor little wretched clowns that I’ma coast through — He ain’t nothin’ but a body shield for the coward from the Midwest / So yes, you can bet / That your boss is next.” (“The Plagiarist Society”)

On Game’s “Uncle Otis” diss, the rapper references Sean’s “My Last” bars where he mistakenly cited Japanese restaurant Benihana for selling Chinese-made wontons.

“Here’s a dome shot to this n*gga named Otis,” Game raps. “N*ggas think they the coldest/But n*gga you just the oldest/N*ggas be chasing their youth, but it’s gone/This n*gga didn’t even want to put you on/He turned around, put on Sean/But forgot to tell him Beni Han-han/Don’t sell no f*ckin wontons — If you invented swag, then I invented gangsta/Got one in the chain, but your throat is now in danger/And I don’t wear no Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada/I’m charged in Louis Vuitton, you n*ggas/Ain’t saying nada/Lil white b*tch, better say in your place/You call me a n*gga, I’mma put the K in your face” (“Uncle Otis”)

Following the track’s release, Game said his remarks were meant to only be playful.

“It’s poking jokes and taking shots, but that’s what I do,” Game said. “I’m just shooting in the dark, when I turn on the lights if a couple of motherf*ckers is down, I got to get up out of there. Anybody that takes it personal, they really shouldn’t but if you do, we can go there.” (XXL Mag)

Check out Big Sean’s interview below:

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