Big Sean Addresses Alleged Nekkid Photo, “I’m Way Bigger Than That” [Video]

Big Sean Addresses Alleged Nekkid Photo, “I’m Way Bigger Than That” [Video]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean has finally addressed recent buzz over a questionable photo depicting a nude man who closely resembles him, and answers whether or not the picture is indeed of the Detroit rapper.

Laughing off the rumor, Sean said his package is much larger than than the man he’s been mistaken for.

The Jasmine Brand: We know being the gentleman you are, we know the nude pictures that leaked are not you…?

Big Sean: Exactly. Because I’m way bigger than that. [laughs]

The Jasmine Brand: Big Sean just confirmed it’s not him, he’s way bigger than that. (The Jasmine Brand)

The photo in question began circulating online last week.

MediaTakeOut has a photo of rapper Big Sean showing the world why his nickname is “Big.” The uncensored and NSFW picture shows Big Sean in a bathroom filming himself holding onto his sizable penis. It’s hard to tell if the photo has been altered, stretched or manipulated in anyway. Big Sean was obviously quite proud of what he was packing because the photo shows him web cam-ing himself onto his Toshiba laptop. Who knows what it is that drives celebrities or even normal everyday people to go out and film or photograph themselves naked when the usual outcome is that the photos become leaked. (Gather Celebs)

Last year, G.O.O.D. Music’s Kanye West had a nude photo of himself spreading.

The website posted the image Friday, after weeks of rumors that claimed naked shots of West were making the rounds. In the picture, which the site claims they received Friday morning, West is shown sitting on what appears to be a couch or chair, shirtless and wearing sunglasses and a chain necklace. The bottom half of the uncensored photo, posted as a separate image, reveals West wearing black boxer-briefs with his member exposed. (New York Daily News)

Recently, rap star Rick Ross said men should not send naked photos of themselves to people.

I asked if he had a girlfriend. “I’m single,” he said. “I’m enjoying life. Being a boss. Like all true bosses, one day you gotta give it up.” He likes to visit the Louis Vuitton store at the Lenox mall when he is in town and has some downtime, and this afternoon, as we drove there, the topic of former congressman Anthony Weiner came up. Ross had never heard of him. He became curious as he learned the story. Some passages from a leaked Facebook chat were quoted. “How the f*ck that sh*t get out?” he wanted to know. He was told that Weiner tweeted a picture of his d*ck to someone. “Chicks send me pictures,” Ross said. “And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don’t do that shit. I’m the Boss.” He shook his head, his expression hidden behind his candy-apple-red-framed aviator sunglasses. “Real n*ggas don’t send d*ck flicks.” (GQ Magazine)

Check out Big Sean’s interview below:

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