Big Pooh vs. Jerry Wonda

Big Pooh vs. Jerry Wonda

What started out as a battle between ten Top 5 Dead or Alive weekly winners has narrowed to four, with the highest Round 1 champion automatically placed in the Finals. Amongst these two match-ups, the lowest-percentage winner will be automatically eliminated. Vote for your fave below–the game is one the line!

In today’s second round match-up, former Little Brother member Big Pooh’s picks will have to get large on Fugees producer Jerry Wonda. Can Pooh’s picks big up the votes or does Jerry have one last wonder left in him? Whose picks make it to the Final Round? You decide!


Poll Results

I gotta start the list off with Jadakiss. He’s got to be in there. I never heard Jada spit a bad verse. Ever. Hands down Jada’s gotta go first.

Redman. My man is from Jersey and I grew up in New Jersey. Real talk, every time I see him he’s spitting the right things in his music. All of that really gets to me. He’s been rapping like that for years.

I’m gonna have to put Bun B in there. Bun B is so underrated. I think people miss a lot of the things he says in his music. I’ve taken the time to go back and analyze Bun B’s music and I think a lot of people miss some of the brilliant things he says, especially [with] his flow patterns.

You didn’t name Busta Rhymes in the Hall of Fame? Oh my God. Busta to me, he can never go away. He just keeps coming back. He can’t stop coming back. This guy spits so much. Nobody can take him down. In a face-to-face, nobody can take him down.

You definitely gotta put Big Pun in my list. He had the little Kool G. Rap flow, a little bit of that. He was just one of those cats that could spit. When you saw him, you were like, “Nah, come on, look at this guy.” But when you started hearing him, he just sent chills through your spine. We knew he evolved from Kool G. Rap but he was still Pun. That Capital Punishment record? Ain’t too many f*cking with Pun. A lot of these young cats weren’t listening to Pun when he was breathing and doing it better than most.

Let me see. I want to name my man Ol’ Dirty Bastard. That’s my cat right there. We already know what it is with him. Dirty was always real. He would just speak. I love when people don’t do too much thinking and just let it out. That’s what he was. Whatever he said, he lived by.

Prodigy from Mobb Deep. Just listen to his tone. What he’s saying was already heavy but listen to his tone on the records. Even right now, I’m just listening to Prodigy in my iPod. I can only have certain music in there because I have thousands and thousands of songs but I have Prodigy in there too. Prodigy is my man and I’m glad he’s out of jail too.

Q-Tip. He’s a genius. I’m not sure if people knew this but he’s an incredible off-the-top freestyle emcee. He’s also another electrifying performer.

Man, it’s so many. Grand Puba is my final pick. Come on. Just think back to his lyrics. Grand Puba, then Brand Nubian. He’s also one of the most underrated producers in hip-hop. He actually produced the Brand Nubian album.

Das EFX. I love Das EFX because Das EFX was the real truth. Whatever you were saying, they got your attention. Even when we were on the road as the Fugees, I would watch them every night. They would get into the crowd and really stick with them.

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