Big L’s Bro Still “Street Struck” Despite Delays, “Eminem Is A Big Fan Of L”

Big L’s Bro Still “Street Struck” Despite Delays, “Eminem Is A Big Fan Of L”

In recognition of Big L‘s birthday this week, SOHH recently hit up the late rapper’s brother Donald Phinazee to get an update on the delayed Street Struck biographical documentary.

While the film has been put on hold for nearly two years, Phinazee promises the project will retain its original concept.

“It’s still [titled] Street Struck,” Donald told SOHH. “We could have been done, but we wanted to make it [solid]. We got about nine hours of footage. We’re trying to break it down to about an hour and half, two hours of footage. We want to make people say, ‘Wow!’ Not just, ‘It’s a documentary.’ Nah, we want, ‘I’ve seen that documentary.’ You know what I mean? That’s how we’re trying to make it. So this is what me and my man are trying to do right now. We look at everybody else’s documentary and see what they’re doing to make people say, ‘Wow!’ We’re trying to do it right.” (SOHH)

Despite its 24-month delay, L’s brother is still optimistic about dropping Street Struck this year.

“A person I’d love to work with is Eminem,” Phinazee added. “Eminem is a big fan of L. I didn’t know that until about a year or two after I came home [from incarceration]. I started with the documentary as soon as I came home, that’s when I put it together. I know Big Pun‘s wife went through some problems with their [Big Pun Legacy] documentary. I don’t want my brother to go through those same things. I want it to be all the way right…The thing about my little brother is all of his stuff was in different studios, so it’s hard to track down all of these guys. But sometimes it’s easy to try to catch these guys. I respect [Diddy] because he kept [unreleased footage] all in one spot. With Biggie’s stuff and everybody else’s stuff. People say all these things about him, but the dude is a business man. I’m trying to round up everything and put it in one spot. It’ll definitely be out in 2011. I’m not trying to go past that no more, we’ve already been back two years.” (SOHH)

In 2009, the film’s director, Jewlz, spoke on the film’s aim and what he hoped fans would gain from the project.

“I felt that I’m still gonna do all I can do to try to preserve his memory on film,” Jewlz said in an interview. “All those people who may not have gotten exposed to him as an artist, hopefully they’ll get to see a different side of him as a person, a son, a brother, a friend, and as a phenomenal artist.” (XXL Mag)

The film will reportedly focus on L’s rise to hip-hop fame from his early beginnings in Harlem, New York as a member of rap group Children of the Corn.

Produced by Dangerzone Films, the documentary will chronicle the life of the rapper with his rise in the music scene. It will show his early involvement as part of the group Children of the Corn, which was comprised of Mase, McGruff, Bloodshed and Cam’ron and then as a member of the D.I.T.C. collective. The story of Lamont Coleman will not just be about the rap game as it will feature rare stories and photographs of the fallen rapper which will be told through family, friends and those that associated themselves with him. The documentary will also give exclusive footage of Big L alongside the late Big Pun as they performed together on stage. (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out a preview of Street Struck below:

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