Big Easy Battle: Curren$y Vs. Kidd Kidd

Big Easy Battle: Curren$y Vs. Kidd Kidd

Congrats to Has-Lo for winning last week’s Final Round. This week’s Round 1, we take a trip down to the New Orleans to see if Curren$y’s picks stack up or if fellow Big Easy rapper Kidd Kidd will cash out. Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

Slick Rick. Slick Rick talked you into rearranging your closet. Slick Rick told you you looked terrible, but you listened to [him] anyway. And that’s the best sh*t in the world to do. The whole record is about how uncool you are and how cool he is. And then you go out and ride around to it like that’s the best sh*t.

Myself. The reason why I am including myself is because of my work ethic. I’m a hard worker and I’ve really been running these underground streets for so long and that’s why I have to name myself in here.

Snoop Dogg. Snoop was the original in-the-cut rapper. He was about that smoking and rapping, but [his music] was always about just chilling out. It was really laid back. He was on the handlebars, on beach cruisers with a f*cking hockey jerseys on, rapping in his videos. It was the chilling sh*t and that’s the best. When you’re not making the sh*t up, it’s easy to rap. So I respect that.

50 Cent. When he first dropped, he brought [the] essence of hip-hop back to the streets. I gotta really give him credit for that. He really brought it back to the streets. If you notice what he’s saying, you’ll see just how hood he really is. If you listen to this n*gga’s albums, he’s still spitting that street sh*t. Real n*gga sh*t. I respect that. To come where he comes from and see what he went through to make it with the power moves, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

DJ Quik. He was the man. DJ Quik had the f*cking ill voice, just like Eazy-E. Quik had a f*cking hot voice and really good production. He used to do it himself and even put grooves into the music.

I gotta put Soulja Slim in. When I was coming up, he was New Orleans. I gotta put Soulja Slim in there for everything he did for New Orleans. Rest in peace, Soulja Slim. He’s one of the realest to ever do it.

Soulja Slim. Soulja Slim was my hero from New Orleans. He’s no longer here with us. He showed me the strength of what you could do independently. He was signed to No Limit and then went on to go do a lot of sh*t independently. He signed with Koch, and all of that was huge because of everything he went through. I feel like my situation was really similar. I got motivated from what he did.

I would put Lil Wayne in there too. It took him a minute to get where he’s at. He did the Cash Money thing at an early age and he’s really worked hard to get to where he’s at right now. I gotta give him a shout-out.

Andre 3000. Andre is a f*cking genius. He can make any kind of music. He’ll bend himself to any style and master it. You won’t hear it until it’s super-tight, like The Love Below album. But then, he’ll write the craziest verse that’ll just make you not want to rap. You can listen to him and say, “So what am I really doing? Why do people even like my sh*t again? Like, what have I done?” That’s why he’s amazing.

Snoop Dogg. Look at how old Snoop is. Snoop is still in the game. He’s still putting out albums. And it’s not like he’s just putting out some music here and there, he’s putting out really nice songs. For real. He’s still making albums. He’s still getting down. You gotta respect Snoop Dogg. For real, you really have to respect what he’s done. He definitely has to go in my Hall of Fame.

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