Big Boi To ATL Newcomers: “Let Me See You Do Something Else”

Big Boi To ATL Newcomers: “Let Me See You Do Something Else”

With the Atlanta hip-hop scene booming courtesy of acts like Future and Trinidad James, SOHH recently reached out to OutKast’s Big Boi to get a take on his buzzing city.

Boi acknowledged A-Town’s thumping music scene, especially in regard to adult entertainment spots like Magic City.

“I dig the guys and what they’re doing. I never judge an artist because you’re not gonna tell somebody what their art means to them,” Boi told SOHH. “Some of that sh*t be jammin’. I mean, you go to Magic City, and you will see why some of these songs are so big. You got out-of-town people coming, and it’s like being inside a music video really and it’s a good a** time.” (SOHH)

The Atlanta rap veteran also admitted he wanted to see local hip-hop artists challenge themselves creatively.

“In that moment you’re caught in, you love the song, plus that sh*t is 808 heavy so you feel it anyway,” Boi added. “But you know, I just want to see [artists] switch it up like I said. Let me see you do something else, and not just keep doing the same thing. Don’t be the same. You can’t get stagnant like that.” (SOHH)

Last fall, Atlanta’s DJ Drama talked to SOHH about the city’s bright future.

“It’s dope, it’s exciting as far as all cities and movements go,” Drama told SOHH in reference to Atlanta’s rap newcomers. “It’s good to always see fresh faces and see new artists come and carry the torch from the ones before. Just watching Future and 2 Chainz and Trouble and others keep the city moving is an exciting thing. It’s dope to see [Young] Jeezy and T.I. doing records and working with the new cats and watching Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash make waves in the game and everything. So you know what I mean, just being a deejay, being a part of not only making the music but playing the music and being the medium — I love my position. I’m always prepared to play that role and make sure dope music gets out for the people.” (SOHH)

Local rapper Yung Joc previously spoke on his city focusing more on unity than beefs.

“[Gucci Mane] went at Jeezy’s neck, he went at Tip’s neck, me personally, I ain’t, you know, I’ma keep it one thousand, all the way. Where I come from, when I see Atlanta, we ain’t come up on that. No disrespect — that’s how New York kinda got caught up in the mix that allowed us to take over because they were so busy beefing with each other. That ain’t what my city’s about. Anybody know Joc knows I’m a cool guy. It ain’t too many people who can say they’re beefing with me or beef with me.” (“The Loud Pack”)

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