Big Boi Stares Down Competition On “Sir Luscious” Album Cover

Big Boi Stares Down Competition On “Sir Luscious” Album Cover

The cover art to Big Boi‘s new Sir Luscious Left Foot album has been released on the Internet.

The image landed online late Thursday (May 27) night.

Kind of disappointed with this. Seems really simple, but maybe there is some underlying theme that I just don’t know about. Navjosh Update: High Resolution artwork plus album photo shoot with Jonathan Mannion are up. (Hip Hop N More)

Boi recently said he is looking to continue releasing more new music following the album release.

“Yeah…I just like to keep recording, man. In the meanwhile, while we try to piece together the ‘Kast record and see which records we’re gonna use for the ‘Kast album, I just been steadily recording records. For this album right here I recorded maybe 30-something, almost 40 records… I’m piecing together the next album too, the follow-up to Lucious Left Foot…Lucious Left Foot, Andre 3000, then the ‘Kast record, and then we’ll see what’s gonna happen after that…Hey man, gotta keep recording. It’s all about spreading the love and really saturating the Funk into the system. That’s what we specialize in.” (Hip Hop DX)

The rapper recently talked about his new music video for his single “Shutterbug.”

“It’s basically a cut that’s all about capturing the moment, whether it be your kid’s first steps or you got a Polaroid and you with your lady somewhere,” Big Boi explained to MTV News from the Atlanta set of the song’s video. “It’s about capturing the moment and getting them good times. When you look at certain photos, it takes you back to the moment, and that’s what it’s about. It’s a funky, get-down, slap-your-sister-in-the-mouth jam.” (MTV)

He also explained how Scott Storch came to be a part of the song.

“I flew down to Miami for a meeting with Scott Storch,” said Big Boi. “Scott said that he had a beat for me that he was sitting on for a few years. He played it, it was bananas. I brought it back to Atlanta, put all that funk on it; bringing my keyboard players in, my guitar players in and then commenced to lyrical destruction. I wanted this song the capture the good times of getting back to emceeing, real lyrical content and having fun. That’s what we do and what we specialize in. The music has always been funk, bass, that Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. We’re bringing it back to the essence.” (All Hip Hop)

Sir Luscious is scheduled to drop Tuesday, July 6th.

Check out a recent Big Boi interview below:

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