Big Boi Says Don’t Hold Your Breath On Andre 3000, “That Boy Changes His Mind So Much”

Big Boi Says Don’t Hold Your Breath On Andre 3000, “That Boy Changes His Mind So Much”

OutKast’s Big Boi is staying focused on his own solo plans, recently admitting trying to figure out what his partner in rhymes Andre 3000 is up to these days is nearly impossible.

Along with discussing Three Stacks, Boi also revealed his own sock line and thoughts on the Atlanta music scene.

“I’m the sock king! They’ve got a cape on the back – that’s how I flew here. I got my own socks line coming out with Crooks & Castles. Head over to 677 Antone Street, Atlanta Georgia, 30318 and get some!,” he said. “Atlanta is just like a brotherhood. Everybody went to school together: it’s so tight-knit that we bump into each other in different spots all the time. There’s a certain camaraderie that goes around and everybody works with everybody. The music is sounding dope. … [OutKast news? Andre 3000’s solo album?] He’s supposed to. You got to talk to him, that boy changes his mind so much I can’t even speak on that no more!” (GQ UK Magazine)

Back in May, the ATLien said their main focus was on solo album-making.

“We’re just really focused on solo projects. I’m working on mine, he’s working on his, and we’ll just go from there,” Big Boi said. “I just like to make music. I can go either way, solo or Outkast. My whole thing is just to keep the recording process going. When it’s time to do the Outkast record we’ll do it, but right now it’s solo time.” Big Boi says the reunion rumors may have started because Andre and he often work together or simply visit each other in the studio. “I said we were working on music, not the Outkast album,” Big said. “Sometimes he comes to the studio and be in my sessions just checking out music. People get excited when they see us in the studio together, but it was never for one specific project. Sometimes Dre’s in the studio listening to my new music.” (BET)

Recently, fellow Atlanta rapper B.o.B. dished out his hope for another OutKast record.

“I think all OutKast fans want to see an OutKast album,” he said. “Even if it’s the last one, we want that OutKast album. I did get a chance to speak to [Andre] when we did the feature. We had a good conversation. I was like, ‘Andre, let me get that OutKast album, man.’ It looked pretty optimistic the last time I heard.” (CBS Local)

Back in February, OutKast affiliate Killer Mike hit up SOHH with his stance on the lack of reunion talk.

“Dre can rap and people have always appreciated that about him,” Mike told SOHH. “That’s cool, I’ll f*ck with it. As an OutKast fan, I thought it was bullsh*t to say ain’t no OutKast plans in the works. That’s just me as a fan, that’s bullsh*t. But that’s just me being a music nerd. I want to make sure people know I’m speaking as a ‘fan’ though. I’m not speaking as a guy who was signed to them with an opinion, I’m speaking as a fan. … When you hear Dre or Big Boi doing an interview, as an OutKast fan, you want to read, ‘We have a joint coming out, we have an album coming out,’ but not to hear that, it’s f*cking bullsh*t. [laughs] It’s not like it’s something I didn’t know. He said it to me before but I was just like, ‘Sh*t. I hope you change your mind motherf*cker.’ [laughs]” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Big Boi footage below:

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