Big Boi Rolls Cameras For “Sir Lucious” Album, “I’ma Shoot A Video For Just About Every Song”

Big Boi Rolls Cameras For “Sir Lucious” Album, “I’ma Shoot A Video For Just About Every Song”

OutKast’s Big Boi has announced that he is shooting a music video for almost every record on his upcoming album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

According to Boi, the long-awaited album is still being recorded.

“The album is done,” says Big Boi. “Right now I’m just shooting videos. I’ma shoot a video for just about every song on the album. I shot like five videos so far, for the past three weeks. I’ve been editing those videos… it’s coming man it’s coming. I know everybody’s been waiting and I’m anxious to give it to them. But it will be here soon. Trust me.” (XXL Mag)

Last January, the rapper said a March release date was in the books.

“@TSS_Crew what it do homie, I just got the release date last week, Sir Lucious Left Foot will be dropping on MARCH 23 2010. Fa sho fa sho !!,” he wrote. “@DavidDTSS it will b well worth the wait. Trust me @TSS_Crew u r the first to know the date, spread the word. I am going to take u , up on that promtions offer. Ask the clipse we need it.” (Big Boi’s Twitter)

Big Boi recently killed rumors of his new album dropping on Def Jam Records.

“It’s not even on Def Jam,” Boi explained in an interview. “It’s not even on Def Jam. I was in a little situation, the [journalist] jumped in the interview, we was in the midst of talks and then in the midst of that, some more things happened and we in a great situation right now. That’ll be announced very soon. The album should be out I think — in about 12 weeks maybe. So you know, it’s coming real soon.” (Maurice Garland)

Boi previously said his move to Def Jam was nearly complete in an interview last summer.

“The lawyers just have to finish their lawyering,” Big explained, and added that he was happy to be working with LaFace co-founder and current Island Def Jam Chairman and CEO LA Reid again, since “he’s been with us since the beginning.” As Big put it, “I just gave you the scoop of the century, man.” (EyeWeekly)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out a recent Big Boi interview down below:

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