Big Boi Ready To Crank Back Up OutKast Reunion, Explains Getting Cut Off At Coachella

Big Boi Ready To Crank Back Up OutKast Reunion, Explains Getting Cut Off At Coachella

OutKast’s Big Boi recently talked about hooking back up with longtime partner Andre 3000 for their publicized Coachella reunion and what fans can expect from part two of the annual music festival series.

According to Daddy Fat Sax, friends and family alike helped make last week’s reunion a big deal.

Big Boi didn’t have much to say about the Outkast reunion, which has only just gotten underway. For him, getting back onstage with Andre 3000 to play the rap duo’s songs is about keeping an open mind. “It’s been good,” Big Boi said. “It’s been fun. It’s been one date so far. A lot of family and friends came out. We just jumped into the deep end of the pool like, ‘Let’s do it!’ Friday is round two and we gotta crank it back up again.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Boi also dished on what fans could expect from this weekend’s set and why they weren’t able to perform some notable hits.

The duo may vary their setlist slightly from last Friday, but seem eager to continue revisiting both Outkast songs and solo material during these upcoming shows. “It might be slightly different,” Big Boi says of this Friday’s performance. “What happened was our set got cut by like five songs. We had to cut ‘Player’s Ball’ and ‘Chronomentrophobia’ because of the time constraints. But there’s probably a couple songs [fans] didn’t hear then they’re gonna hear this time.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Last weekend, the rap veterans treated fans to handfuls of their smash anthems.

The rap duo headlined the first night of the music festival Friday in Indio, Calif., performing well-known hits such as “Hey Ya!,” “Ms. Jackson,” “The Way You Move,” “Elevators (Me & You),” and “So Fresh, So Clean.” The Grammy winners performed two dozen tracks – seen via its livestream on YouTube – as they celebrated 20 years in music since the release of their 1994 debut, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.” (AP)

Three Stacks and Big Boi made sure to interact with concertgoers throughout their set.

“Hey Coachella, are y’all alive?” Andre 3000 asked the crowd at the top of their set. “Are y’all alive? Are y’all alive?” “We just want to know one thing – are you having a good time?” Big Boi asked the crowd. (AP)

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