Big Boi Promises New OutKast Album, “Y’All Gonna Get 3 Records From Me & Dre In The Next 2 Yrs” [Video]

Big Boi Promises New OutKast Album, “Y’All Gonna Get 3 Records From Me & Dre In The Next 2 Yrs” [Video]

OutKast‘s Big Boi recently gave fans an update on his delayed solo project and promised an Outkast album with Andre 3000 is on the way.

In addition to guaranteeing another OutKast project, Boi revealed details behind his forthcoming Sir Lucious Leftfoot Son of Chico Dusty LP.

“The [solo] album is 16 cuts, everything brand new,” he explained in an interview. “Featured on the record I have T.I., Too Short, George Clinton, Andre 3000 of course, Raekwon, Mary J. Blige, it’s really, I use my features on the album as an extra ingredient as to different songs…We definitely planning another OutKast album. The plan right now is for me to drop my solo record, Dre is working on his solo album right now…After we put both solos out, we gonna put the OutKast album out. Soon as I turn my record in, I’ll go and start doing my parts of the OutKast album as Dre is finishing his album out. Y’all gonna get three records from me and Dre in the next two years.” (iHipHop)

Boi recently said his label dispute with Jive Records has been resolved.

“The push backs have just really been trying to get the situation together with the record label, and trying to learn a new system,” Boi said in an interview. “There are some talks going on right now. I can’t really release it right now. Probably within the next week or so, there will be a big announcement coming out and the album will be out this summer, believe it, it’s done, it’s in the can and I’m very happy with it. We got to clearing it up. It was just a new system and releasing new music in a new system that hasn’t really been apart of our careers. It’s been a change but I think we’ve reached some type of median right now which is going to lead to that big announcement that is going to come up in the next week or so. I’m just very happy about the situation right now. I can’t wait to let the world know when it’s coming out.” (Word of South)

Boi previously said Jive caused constant delays in his projects.

“Jive Records, man,” Boi said, whose contract was adopted by Jive after Arista dissolved its roster in 2004. “You know what goes with Jive? Shuckin’ and jivin’. And the fans have been thinking it’s me and [Andre 3000]. You can’t work on music for two-plus years and just give it to a label and they just f*ck it up…It’s like I’m indie right now, but they won’t let us out the contract. The Clipse said it best [on ‘Mr. Me Too’] when they said ‘they weren’t playing fair at Jive.’ They don’t want to spend the money, but the music’s gonna make its own way.” (Rolling Stone)

Originally scheduled to drop last year, Boi previously spoke with SOHH about the concept behind his upcoming release.

“The concept is basically the grown version of Big Boi,” he said. “I came out on Southerplayalistic at 15-16 years-old, I was Big Boi. I’ve matured, I’ve been around the world and I have grown up, so now it’s all about ‘Sir Luscious Leftfoot,’ the knight in rhyming armor is here.” (SOHH)

As of today (June 24), a release date for Sir Luscious Leftfoot has not been announced.

Check out Big Boi’s interview below:

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