Big Boi Breaks Down “Shutterbug” Music Video, “It’s A Funky, Get-Down, Slap-Your-Sister-In-The-Mouth Jam”

Big Boi Breaks Down “Shutterbug” Music Video, “It’s A Funky, Get-Down, Slap-Your-Sister-In-The-Mouth Jam”

OutKast’s Big Boi recently discussed the significance of his music video for “Shutterbug,” the current single from his upcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album.

According to Boi, the video is about capturing moments in time.

“It’s basically a cut that’s all about capturing the moment, whether it be your kid’s first steps or you got a Polaroid and you with your lady somewhere,” Big Boi explained to MTV News from the Atlanta set of the song’s video. “It’s about capturing the moment and getting them good times. When you look at certain photos, it takes you back to the moment, and that’s what it’s about. It’s a funky, get-down, slap-your-sister-in-the-mouth jam.” (MTV)

Last month, Boi talked about linking with the song’s famous producer.

“I flew down to Miami for a meeting with Scott Storch,” said Big Boi. “Scott said that he had a beat for me that he was sitting on for a few years. He played it, it was bananas. I brought it back to Atlanta, put all that funk on it; bringing my keyboard players in, my guitar players in and then commenced to lyrical destruction. I wanted this song the capture the good times of getting back to emceeing, real lyrical content and having fun. That’s what we do and what we specialize in. The music has always been funk, bass, that Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. We’re bringing it back to the essence.” (All Hip Hop)

He released the single in early April.

More than ten months after resolving legal issues holding up his new solo album, Big Boi is finally sharing his new music. The rapper and occasional ballet producer is kicking off what appears to be the official promotion for his long-awaited Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty with “Shutterbug”, a futuristic slice of funk deliciousness produced by Scott Storch, who’s back on his game after a, uh, small rough patch. See if you can keep up with Big Boi as he rides the intricate beat, speaking up for Atlanta and proving that he hasn’t lost a step. (Idolator)

His Sir Luscious Left Foot album will reportedly feature multiple Andre 3000 collaborations.

“It’s already done,” Boi said referring to new Andre 3000 collaborations. “We got three songs on the record, I ain’t played that yet, I got to save something to hold it. Dre actually produced a record and we got a record that was produced by Boi-1da and it’s me and Stacks, two verses a piece, back to back, just a lyrical manslaughter. Like, who better than the Kast n*gga? Nobody.” (DJ Delz TV)

Check out a recent Big Boi interview down below:

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