Big Boi Blames “Stupid Politics” For Andre 3000’s Missing Collabos

Big Boi Blames “Stupid Politics” For Andre 3000’s Missing Collabos

OutKast’s Big Boi blamed Jive Records for keeping Andre 3000 off his upcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot album.

Big Boi said Dre has reached out to Jive in hopes of attaining clearance for the features.

“It’s plain stupidity. It’s stupid business and it’s stupid politics. I mean, Jive Records had ‘Shutterbug’ for three years. And ‘General Patton’ for three years. You see what I’m saying? They told me to go in and make my version of Lil’ Wayne‘s ‘Lollipop!’ I love that song. That was my favorite song when it came out. But how you gonna tell me to go bite another MCs style? How are you even going to open your mouth up to tell me to go and do that? That’s the highest form of disrespect ever. So that’s when I wanted to get off Jive. And the only honorable thing they’ve done is allow me to do that. So I’ve had nothing to do with them. Dré tried to have a talk with Jive and they said, ‘No, we can’t. That’s gonna make us look bad.'” (GQ)

The album’s tracklisting leaked on the Internet yesterday (June 7).

1. Feel Me (Intro) 2. Daddy Fat Sax 3. Turns Me On feat. Sleepy Brown & Joi 4. Follow Us feat. Vonnegutt 5. Shutterbugg feat. Cutty 6. General Patton 7. Tangerine feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie 8. You Ain’t No DJ feat. Yelawolf 9. Hustle Blood feat. Jamie Foxx 10. Be Still feat. Janelle Monáe 11. Fo Yo Sorrows feat. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris 12. Night Night feat. B.o.B & Joi 13. Shine Blockas feat. Gucci Mane 14. The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves The Day) feat. Sam Chris 15. Back Up Plan (Rap Radar)

Shortly after the leak, Boi hit up Twitter to confirm Dre’s absence.

“Jive Records is trying to block 3 Stacks from being on the album. Boi Stop!!!!”

“They told me my album was a piece of art… And that they didn’t understand my music. Now they mad because y’all love it !”

“The Andre 3000 records r on deck..Stay Tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!” (Big Boi’s Twitter)

Last March, the rapper said Dre would be featured on three of his album’s cuts.

“It’s already done,” Boi said referring to new Andre 3000 collaborations. “We got three songs on the record, I ain’t played that yet, I got to save something to hold it. Dre actually produced a record and we got a record that was produced by Boi-1da and it’s me and Stacks, two verses a piece, back to back, just a lyrical manslaughter. Like, who better than the Kast n*gga? Nobody.” (DJ Delz TV)

Sir Luscious Left Foot is scheduled to drop Tuesday, July 6th.

Check out Big Boi speaking on Andre 3000 down below:

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