Big Boi Admits He’s Fallen Off His Game

Big Boi Admits He’s Fallen Off His Game

OutKast’s Big Boi recently stepped away from the music scene and delved into his love for video games, revealing what his all-time favorite title is to date.

Although he has slightly fallen off of gaming, Boi said his kids keep him on his toes when it comes time to mess with the sticks.

“Not usually, I might play on the [tour] bus. I might be at home playing with my kids. I used to be real good at [NFL football game] Madden. My kids, they don’t play around. Them boys is dope on the game because they play all the time. Madden is the main game I’ve been playing for the longest and then I got introduced to this game right here and its super dope.” (Complex)

He also discussed the close-knit relationship video games and hip-hop artists share.

“It’s entertainment. Gaming and music goes hand in hand and because when you’re playing games you want to have that theme music playing in the background. That’s why you have games like Madden and NBA 2K. Its the soundtrack to you playing. I think it definitely goes hand in hand. It’s a monster industry compared to the music industry. It makes music look like a mouse in comparison.” (Complex)

Rap mogul Jay-Z injected some flavor into this year’s NBA 2K13 after being announced the game’s executive producer last summer.

Rapper and Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z is set to executive produce NBA 2K13, the 13th installment in 2K Sport’s popular basketball game series. The news was revealed via his Life + Times website in a trailer featuring his song “Public Service Announcement” from “The Black Album.” The 24-second viral video is narrated by Michael Jordan and also showcases the cover baring Jay-Z’s name in the top right corner. NBA 2K13 is currently available for pre-order and is set to hit shelves on October 2. While it’s unclear the type of music Jay-Z has in mind for the soundtrack, in the past, both indie rock and hip-hop music have been featured. (Billboard)

West Coast rapper Game is expected to play a role in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V action-packed video game.

For those of you that remember “B-Dup” from “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” you may have realized that this character was voiced by rapper, “The Game.” On Nov. 5, “The Game” was interviewed by Studio 96, in which he revealed some interesting information regarding “GTA 5 ,” which is shown in the slide-show above. When asked if he would be appearing in the upcoming “GTA 5,” he confirmed that he has done work on the game with Rockstar. This confirms that we will definitely see at least one character return from “San Andreas” in “GTA 5.” (Examiner)

Check out Big Boi in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel:

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