Beyonce’s Publicist Denies Pregnancy Rumors, Calls Them “Untrue”

Beyonce’s Publicist Denies Pregnancy Rumors, Calls Them “Untrue”

A Sony Music publicist has addressed rumors Beyonce is expecting her first child with husband, Jay-Z.

While not going into detail, the rep flatly denied the gossip.

The [rumor] website claims the singer is “fine and resting now” and expected to “continue working through her pregnancy,” and that Jay-Z is “extremely happy to be having his first child” with his wife. However a publicist for BeyoncĂ© from her record company, Sony, tells Rolling Stone that the report is simply “untrue.” (Rolling Stone)

Initial reports began to circulate online from Media Take Out.

It’s been a long time waiting . . . but now it’s finally happened. just learned from a ROCK SOLID source that legendary singer Beyonce and her hip hop mogul husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child together. According to our source Beyonce is doing fine and resting (for now), but she’s expected to continue working throughout her pregnancy. And we’re also told that Jay Z is EXTREMELY happy to be having his first child with Bey. We and the entire staff want to wish the happy couple CONGRATS!!! (Media Take Out)

Earlier this year, Beyonce’s husband/rapper Jay-Z said he would like to one day become a father.

“I’d like to be a dad some day and I love children. You start your life with expectations and dreams, then life unfolds and it doesn’t always turn out the way you imagined. Life is what it is. And at this point it’s up to somebody else. I don’t think there is such thing as a perfect relationship. It is unrealistic and hoping for too much. I don’t think it is worth all that pressure. We also have our struggles and problems.” (Kingsize Magazine)

Last fall, speculation grew after Jay was quoted speaking on having a child one day.

Her song “Single Ladies” is an Internet hit among dancing babies and now, BeyoncĂ©’s working on a tot of her own. That’s according to, get this, Jay-Z, B’s notoriously tight-lipped hubby, who spilled the baby beans himself. While chatting up Gotham mag editor in chief Cristina Greeven Cuomo, the rapper let it slip that procreating is high on the duo’s priority list right now. (New York Daily News)

Check out past SOHH concert footage of Beyonce & Jay-Z down below:

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